California Reservoir to Be Drained: If Only They Had Other Water Sources

The state of California desperately needs gun control to keep its politicians from shooting themselves in the foot.

The latest addition to the list of self-inflicted wounds is the draining of Anderson Reservoir, the largest reservoir in Santa Clara County. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission determined that the earthen dam is too susceptible to rupturing during an earthquake, so the reservoir must be drained.

When full, the reservoir holds 89,278 acre-feet of water, more than the other nine dams in the Santa Clara Valley Water District combined. Losing the water supply wouldn’t be so bad if state officials hadn’t mangled water management so horribly in the past.

Commenting on how the district will supply water without the reservoir, Water District CEO Norma Camacho said:

“Staff is already exploring other sources of water that will have to come from outside of the county. While residents have done an excellent job of conserving water since 2013, another drought during this time frame could require everyone to significantly decrease their water use.”

We have to believe that the risk assessment from the FERC is real, but that’s not the only issue.  For five decades state politicians have held back from increasing water retention in the state, and even gone so far as to divert water that could’ve been held to help certain fish populations.  Now that mismanagement is showing itself.

If Californians go through another dry spell, they’d better stock up on dry shampoo and learn to live with minimal flush toilets.

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