Pacific Gas & Electric Cuts Power to 800,000 to Lower Risk of Fire

Is it cutting off your nose to spite your face?

After several disastrous wild fires over the past decade, California went looking for a culprit and found one in the electric company Pacific & Gas and Electric (PG&E).  Faulty equipment that broke down in high winds was determined as the cause of the so-called Camp Fire last year, which killed 85 people.

To guard against such possibilities in the future, PG&E came up with a plan:  Cut power to regions that expect high winds. 

Northern Californians woke up with no electricity on Wednesday morning as PG&E followed their new protocol and cut power to 800,000 people.  Given the weather forecast for extended high winds and dry conditions, the residents could be without power for days.

PG&E said on Tuesday it was extending a previously announced “public safety power shutoff” to 34 counties, more than half of all the counties in California. It’s the largest such precautionary outage the utility has undertaken to date.

Once power is turned off, it cannot be restored until the winds subside, allowing the utility to inspect equipment for damage and make any repairs, PG&E said.

Facing multi-billion dollar lawsuits over previous fires, PG&E has already filed for bankruptcy.


  1. Venezuelans have to change their government, and start taking care of their own country and people. No other country should be obligated to accept or support their citizens. Eventually the Venezuelans will have no choice but to do just that. “Let them make their country great again”, as President Trump is doing for America.

  2. Far more people will be impacted both financially and health wise for this insane action. What about hospitals, traffic lights, stores, companies who employ workers, residences that need lights, air-conditioning, cooking, etc.? PG &E needs to replace their faulty equipment gradually. There should be lawsuits and injunctions against this criminal company, who is doing this deliberately to spite their customers. We all need to get off the gris.

  3. For decades PG&E, an Investor Owned company, has made millions upon millions of dollars from customers who could not get gas from any other source. While capitalizing on Hydro Electric power, PGE has somehow purchased and now owns in excess of 140,000 acres of prime recreational land in California. The Utility has installed campground sites in many of these areas, charging the public for the use of these areas. While all of PGE expansion was going on,Company officers were receiving bonus salary increases. In the aftermath of PG&E’s 2001 bankruptcy, the company agreed, in exchange for financial relief, to protect or donate more than 140,000 acres of its land holdings, many of which encompass California’s key forests and watersheds. To date PGE,while pledging various entities access to key portions of this 140,000 acres,has thus far failed to follow through. As of June, PG&E has completed less than half of the 98 land transactions agreed upon in 2003. Now with PG&E’s second bankruptcy, which it entered into this year, casts a pall of uncertainty over what’s already been a difficult waiting game for prospective land stewards. In an overview of PGE”s use of it’s substantial income, it is apparent that a through audit of PGE’s (an Investor owned company) finances be initiated. The current PGE practice of cutting power to some 800,000 customers in certain areas has to result in a loss of revenue to the company and seems to be a retaliation technique as opposed to a genuine program of updating their equipment.

  4. California is the most litigious state entity in the world. It is a state where suing is as common as checking one’s mail. In addition, the state house is focused on milking every industry for all it is worth. It is a place where personal productivity is equated with fascism and swigging stale bear on a lice infected sofa watching the wide screen you stole is considered enviable living.

    PG&E has always been responsible for the extremes of nature. If a tsunami wipes out a chunk of their infrastructure, PG7E will have to give everybody money. In fact PG&E is responsible for the welfare of every citizen who might be inconvenienced by a power outage.

    Probably the solution to this is for the state to take over PG&E and manage it themselves. Honestly – If I were earning $1,000,000 annually I could afford existing in CA, but then why exist in CA when I can live well in OK?

  5. I hope that this move by PG&E results in >80% of their customers going full solar+battery backup, and permanently reducing their profits.

  6. The Camp Fire was NEVER caused by PG&E nor Forest Fires. Just review as many of the Videos as possible and you will see homes completely demolished and burning all of the structures regardless of the material while Pine Trees lining the streets still standing tall not burned with green needles. This never happens during a real Forest Fire.
    You will see full lengths of homes utterly destroyed. These homes were obviously targeted from either satellites or drones. Call it “Conspiracy Theory” if you wish, but I’ve personally fought dozens of Forest Fires in MT and CA and I know that the do NOT burn in any kind of selective pattern. The Media and the Establishment are trying to keep us from the truth.
    On an aside the State of CA caused PG&E’s demise when they forced Private Electric Power Companies to divest all of their Power Producing Facilities.

  7. California Eco-Nazis forbade all measures of forest management – dried-up and infected trees are left alone to provide fuel for future forest fires, with remarkable success. Same with dried-up branches fallen and waiting patiently for a spark or a lightning.

  8. Absolutely the right thing to do. If people are such ingrates and need to sue because they see an opportunity, then PG&E is doing the correct thing to protect themselves. Perhaps Kali has to take a hard look at what’s important to them. You can’t go around blaming companies for accidents that occasionally take place. The workers are human. And if you want to pressure the companies then you have to accept the consequences. Simple economics.

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