California Governor Gavin Newsom Cancels Christmas

California Governor Gavin Newsom’s latest diktat states that any region with ICU capacity below 15% will trigger a mandatory three-week lockdown. The order already applies to 60% of the state’s population or almost 30 million people.

The order shuts down church services, travel, playgrounds, movie theaters, wineries, and more. Because of the timing, these regions cannot reopen before Christmas, which means the Governor has forbidden Christmas gatherings beyond one household.

The order reads in part:

“All gatherings with members of other households are prohibited in the Region except as expressly permitted herein. Nothing in this Order prevents any number of persons from the same household from leaving their residence, lodging, or temporary accommodation, as long as they do not engage in any interaction with (or otherwise gather with) any number of persons from any other household, except as specifically permitted herein.”

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Comments (12)

  1. Bob O'Brien

    The people of California need to rise up and remove this little Castro. No one can cancel Christmas and all we hold near and dear in this country. We are capable of taking care of ourselves and protecting others. This guy is totally out of control.

  2. janice Holland

    And will Mr. Newsom do the same as ordered, or gather with family and friends at some nice restaurant. People look forward to the Christmas ?Worship Services and to Praise our Father in Heaven. All this lockdown is not wise or healthy People should just wear their masks and enjoy the visit.

  3. Harry Hudini

    There used to be an election where the votes (a past tense, because there aren’t voters anymore) could take him out of office as a “thanks” for martial law and people USED TO HAVE CONSTITUTIONAL freedoms.

    Of course that was BEFORE THE CORONA PLANDEMIC to institute the NWO/OWO sand martial law. Somer of us may actually remember when an election meant your vote was counted and ballot box stuffing was a minor problem that was local in nature.

    Now your vote may get multiplied if you vote for “the chosen” candidate or put you on a hit list if you voted wrong. Whaat happened along the way? The Nazi’s took over and call themselves Democrats. Compare Hitler’s history and you will see the resemblanc4e and then look at Venzuella to see how their socialist government works – IT DOESN’T. That is what seems to have happe3ned in the USA and the local PUPPET GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS are exercising the same kind of politics tyrany to exercise their misinformed muscles. There is a judgement in the end and THERE IS A TEST at the end of the experiment called Judgement Day when we all stand before the almighty God and these paper leaders will fail the test. That doesn’t make it easier for us now, but at least we can rest assured those who bow to Satan will face a horrible eternity.

    According to Bill 11Gates the Corona Vaccine has built in components that will be used for tracking everybody who takes it, so don’t take it because you will be taking THE SIGN OF THE BEAST and will give you the same eternity.

  4. Margaret Drinkwater

    Communism has arrived in California !!
    God help us all ..I would encourage people to celebrate Jesus Birthday with family and friends .. travel, sing carols, walk outside, gather in your houses of worship, go to the park !!! Don’t let fear be your trademark, rejoice in the Lord in those free country.

  5. FD

    Why doesn’t this include the airports, grocery stores or malls. I guess the small businesses don’t have any lawyers to threaten the government like all the corporations do.

  6. Jean Peeters

    I was born and raised in California,but at present I say Idaho. Our state has become so corrupt,but the people don’t do anything about it. We need to get rid of Nancy and her nephew Gavin. They are nothing but scum.

  7. Rick

    Kurt Russel is going to kick his ASS

  8. John Himbert

    With forty million people in Ca. and a “governor” who is a deep-state traitor dictator and not a friend of the people
    in CA. OR even the country why hasn’t he been recalled and impeached after all this time? If someone would stand
    up and get enough people with courage to say and “DO” it just refuse to comply, ignore the idiot, refuse to bow
    down and give up, rules for thee but not for me guy. He can’t put everyone in jail when there are numbers that are
    overwhelming I am sure. Fight back for once instead of living in fear of someone who thinks he has the right to do
    what he wants to do with NO constitutional right to do these things. OH WAIT, I forgot that there is no constitution,
    justice system, with the courts, the judges, mayors, governors, democratic liberals, even the Supreme Court who are
    all traitors and part of the deep-state including now even the attorney general “BARR” who has been be posing as a
    friend to and with the people and now exposed as at traitor and of the deep-state all along. The whole bunch of them
    are what make up the “sewer” in DC and around the country. Will anyone see the truth and do something “anything”
    to let this trash know “NO MORE” scum, the time has,come!

    • Mark Infield

      I agree 100%

  9. Bowser

    Under Article 5 Part 1 §6 of the California Constitution has been amended by a secret conclave of 13 Democrat State Senators with and for Governor Newsom meeting under the Indian Gaming statute to change the title of Governor to Kaiser with the possibility of a future floor vote, yeah or nay, to transmogrify said working title of Kaiser to Führer and further, that a special leadership standard be designed and flown at all events and at all locations where Kaiser Newsom is in residence, temporary residence or in a meeting in said building or dwelling, out building, meeting hall, Burgerbräukeller, Sportpalast or Stadion. Be it further stated that “all power flows from the being of said Gavin Newsom and shall always issue forth until he ascends directly to the realm of Osiris.”

  10. Billy Wilson

    Some one in California needs to wake up and remove this Dictator from office or loose all their rights, to communism.

  11. Terry

    He cannot shut down church services. Our constitution does not allow this.

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