California Gov. Newsom Signs Law Allowing Inmates that Identify as Women to be in Women Facilities

This won’t go well.

It doesn’t take a lot to get into prison but there are certain requirements. You need to break some law, be convicted, and then be sentenced to incarceration. From there, the state decides where to send you, putting men with men and women with women. But wait, now those words, “men,” and “women” don’t carry as much meaning as they once did. According to the state of California, people can choose to move from one group to another, which puts the prison system in a bind. How to distinguish between men and women?

California Governor Gavin Newsom has the answer. Just ask the prisoners. If you say you’re a woman, then you go to a women’s facility. No problem!

Except, we must remember that to be in the system in the first place, you had to break laws serious enough to involve incarceration. What’s the likelihood that eventually a man who “identifies” as a woman, who is held at a women’s facility, will create a problem due to his/her biological reality?  Maybe he/she will one-day re-identify as a man while still at the women’s facility.

Newsom signed a bill allowing for inmates to be housed according to their identified sex, but only those prisoners with which the state doesn’t have a management or security concern. Right. Let’s reconsider how people become inmates in the first place.

The bill is part of a series of laws including one that calls for medical care for the transgender and intersex community, which creates a path for gender transition procedures while in custody and at the state’s expense and makes this available for minors.

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