California Goes Full Lockdown; Orders 40 Million Residents To Stay At Home

Whatever pretense of liberty used to reside in California, it has now been cast off.

Governor Gavin Newsom ordered all 40 million residents to go home and stay there, except as necessary to maintain critical infrastructure (power, water, food, etc.).  People are allowed out for food, medicine, and other essentials.

The order goes into effect immediately, and remains in effect until further notice.

Newsom said that law enforcement can issue misdemeanor citations to anyone breaking the order, but he’s relying on social pressure to do the job.

To be clear, he’s not demanding people stay indoors.  Newsom said:

“You can still take your kids outside, practicing common sense and social distancing. You can still walk your dog, you can still pick up food at one of our distribution centers, at a restaurant, at a drive-thru — all those things we will still be able to do.”

But there’s no question that the move severely curtails personal activity.

The worst part is that Newsom’s order comes just as the U.S. is ramping up testing for covid-19, which until now has been limited to just those who show specific symptoms.  The added testing means that the number of documented cases should increase dramatically, but won’t change the actual number of cases.  People with the virus who didn’t know they had it have been here the entire time.

As the number of cases spikes, the mortality rate will drop, and the virus will quickly look like other viruses we’ve faced, such as SARS and H1N1.


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