California Church Reports that Mayor Claims He Will Shut Off Services to Churches That Meet

Governor Gavin Newsom and others have deemed churches non-essential, which means they are restricted in the number of people who can gather, rendering regular worship services all but unworkable. Some worshipers believe this infringes on their right to Freedom of Religion and are meeting anyway.

Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California is one of the congregations defying the governor’s orders. Pictures from last weekend show at least hundreds of people in the pews, which sets up a showdown with local and state authorities.

When asked what might happen, Phil Johnson, executive director of Grace to You, the teaching ministry of Grace Community Church Pastor MacArthur, tweeted:

“The local authorities say their plan is to shut off power to the church.”

“To be clear: they haven’t threatened GCC specifically. That’s what the mayor says he’ll do to any church that meets.”

It will be interesting to see if local authorities follow through, and if they do, how Grace responds. It looks like a good time for an early morning service outside in the parking lot.

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Comments (4)

  1. Larry Krein

    That’s how communism starts. Next is a guaranteed wage if you work or not.

    • Larry Krein

      What needs to be moderated?

    • Eije Bong

      Dear Larry,
      With the current SARS-CoV-2 situation, you should now have ample time to broaden your knowledge and understanding in relation to ‘Communism’. Many nations ‘pay’ their citizens a guaranteed wage when not actually working; and they are not Communist societies. Let’s refer to this action as a ‘Policy’ and then name it an ‘Unemployment Benefit’. ‘Research’ just that little bit more on this topic and you may possibly be surprised to discover that this ‘Policy’ is happening right now in ‘your own’ corner of the nation.
      It is safe to say that knee-jerk reactionary statements most often result in the credibility of that person being put into question.
      Restricting numbers worshipping at religious Centers is specifically about ‘saving lives’; which actually fits in quite nicely with Christian doctrine.
      Take Care.

  2. Harold Haight

    He is not fighting with the church , but he is fighting with God . It is a terrible thing to fall into the hands of a Righteous God. He is not God but as sure as he thinks that he has the power God will treat him just as he did with Herod who was eaten with worms and died because he thought that he was God . We are seeing this type of character throughout this nation by leaders who oppose God at every turn . We need to pray for them and show them that the love of Christ is in our hearts and minds. God tells us that vengeance is mine I will repay . We are to feed these people with the love and word of God and give them the water which is the Holy Spirit for their thirst . This may heap up coals of fire upon their heads and perhaps bring them to salvation . That is the most important thing that Christians can do.

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