Possibly All Cadillacs Electric By 2030

Maybe the GM executives said to each other, “Nobody buys them anyway, why not make them electric?”

It used to be that driving a Cadillac signaled you had arrived.  Now it signals that you’re part of yesterday.  GM has done weird things to spur interest in Cadillac, including getting rid of showrooms and offering virtual reality test drives.  None of it worked.  But that’s not stopping GM from trying to revive the brand yet again.

The head of General Motors Co’s Cadillac luxury brand said on Thursday that a majority, and possibly all, of the brand’s models would be electric vehicles by 2030, trying to create path for taking high-end clients from other brands.

On the bright side, Cadillac president Steve Carlisle also said Cadillac should post “low double-digit” sales growth in China in 2019, and sales in the United States were on track this year for their first increase since 2013.

Giving himself some wiggle room on the move to electric, Carlisle said Cadillac would offer a large electric sports-utility vehicle (SUV) similar to the Escalade and that it could continue to sell internal combustion models alongside electric vehicles.

GM expects to begin production of the large Cadillac electric SUV in late 2023 at its Detroit-Hamtramck plant, and will offer a compact electric SUV in China in 2022, with a companion model slated to go into production in the United States in late 2023.

Carlisle said Cadillac models will refresh one more time before converting to electric.

Cadillac will refresh its existing gasoline-powered models one more time over the next decade and then focus on the electric models, he said.

They can take their time.  Cadillac could lose more market share, but who would notice?

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