BS Podcast, Ep. 43: Emotional Support Animals are BS. Train a Service Dog or Get Off the Plane.

It’s time for the BS Podcast! The weekly show where we break down and rank the FIVE MOST BULLSHIT STORIES OF THE WEEK!

In episode 43, we’re talking about these stories:

1) Rule cracking down on emotional support animals goes into effect.
2) Popular rabbi warns followers that the COVID-19 vaccine ‘could make you gay’.
3) Denmark launches a children’s TV show about a man with a giant penis.
4) Mayor of Houston suburb chosen by pulling his name from a hat.
5) Largo teacher faces child abuse charges after allegedly spraying children with disinfectant, police say.

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Comments (1)

  1. GS

    Funny stories, but I can’t watch that guy on the right, especially – these are just rote, lock-steppers for the most part.

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