Brits Take a Different Course: Let Virus Run and Let’s Develop Immunity

It was hard to tell if the news was real or dry humor, for which the Brits are famous. As it turns out, this is real. The British government has decided that it can’t control the coronavirus outbreak, so instead it will try to develop herd immunity by allowing the virus to make its way through the population, after which those who had it will be immune to it.

The goal is for the older, more at-risk population to take precautions like staying away from large gatherings or public places, while those 40-years-old and younger go about their business. There will definitely be some issues in the short-term as some people fall seriously ill, but the Brits want to stop a potentially deadly second wave that could hit this fall.

Few people, if any, are convinced it will work.

But you have to give them credit for being, well, British. They still have their economy humming along, and still go to the pub. They might get sick, but they still have their version of fun.

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Comments (1)

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    if people stayed home instead of running all over the world when one country get’s sick, then we wouldn’t have to be in such a panic about everything,
    my big question is the money, where is it coming from or are we in for a big surprise??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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