Bright Yellow Toy Gun Puts Florida College Campuses on Lockdown

Not the actual gun

Last Thursday night, a young woman leaving a parking lot on the Florida Atlantic University campus called the police to report a man with a rifle.  She noted that she wasn’t sure if it was real or not, but at one point he pointed it at her and she sped off.

Not taking any chances, the police locked down the campuses at Florida Atlantic University, Broward College and Nova Southeastern University, and then the colleges warned students and other people who may be on campus to seek shelter in a secure location on social media.

Later that night, the Davie Police Department tweeted:

“After clearing the scene at the #Davie college area. A #DaviePolice officer located an individual with this toy gun walking on Stirling Rd.  They both matched the description given by the witness. The toy gun was collected and the investigation was turned over to detectives.”

So the Florida campuses are safe from “weapons” designed for 7-year olds for at least another week.

But the story did have an interesting twist.  The man carrying the weapon is in his 60s.  What was he doing on a college campus with the equivalent of a Nerf gun?

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