And There Goes… Lincoln; Boston Officials Vote to Remove Statue of Lincoln and Freed Slave

To be fair, the decision to remove the statue, called Emancipation Group, wasn’t made in the middle of the night by a bunch of 20-somethings with a bit of rope and not much else to do. Boston city officials offered a motion and held a vote on the fate of the statue, which depicts Lincoln standing by a kneeling, freed slave.  It can be argued the slave is either stationary or in the process of rising, but either way, he’s definitely crouched. The statue belongs to the city and is on city property, so they definitely have every right to decide if displaying it is in keeping with the shared view of the city.

The Boston Art Commission, on a unanimous vote, decide, “No.”

The commission hasn’t decided when the statue will be taken down, but it will go. It has been there since 1879.

Mayor Martin Walsh said:

“After engaging in a public process, it’s clear that residents and visitors to Boston have been uncomfortable with this statue, and its reductive representation of the Black man’s role in the abolitionist movement.”

Whether people agree with the vote by the Boston Art Commission or not, city officials should be commended for going about this the right way.  After all, respecting the vote and voice of the people is the point of the American Experiment.

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Comments (12)

  1. buckwheat

    Well to the “good” people of Boston, since the statue has been in place since 1879 it seems to me that for over 141 years people did not seem to be bothered by this beautiful and meaningful statue of our beloved President Lincoln. With the removal I just hope that President Lincoln and everyone who had died in Boston for these 141 years come back to haunt the so called good people of city council. Just remember city council visitors to your
    city come to see history and not empty lots where once a lovely statue was installed. Remember Boston and other large cities relay on visitors for a large amount of your city funds. People will just stop visiting Boston and other big cities because of this total insane crap what is happening. I make this pledge to the members of city council that I will NEVER visit your city and will never recommend any of my friends to visit a place where they are trying to re-write history. Remember Boston “fathers” you will pay for your stupid action one way or another and sooner than later. Good luck.

  2. Laurence Whitfield

    Thy should have built a School for all people black and white instead of a statue.

    • Chaplain Rodger DeRamus

      When the jets flew into the twin towers flown by terrorist and totally destroyed them and killed people of all countries in a single day, the leaders of the United States decided to build a Freedom Tower to show the enemies of this country they could not win.
      Now, the leaders of our great cities have allowed the enemies of democracy to destroy their cities and riot, tearing down what they say are racist and represent a time of hurt.
      Do those same leaders now allow the rioters to destroy every building and business in their cities for no reason except they are being allowed to with no repercussions? When did it become right to take up arms, being the rocks, frozen water bottles and Molotov fire bombs, against cities and law enforcement officers, without making restitution or being arrested and held accountable for the damage they have done?
      This has become a revolution; they are trying to destroy one of only a few countries that is free. Our democracy is the best of any other type of life. The rioters and Marxist who claim they are peacefully demonstrating in honor of the death of George Floyd, but that has ceased to be the reason for their riotous behavior. They are now doing the bidding of a few who are the enemies of freedom and peace. They wish only to carry out a coup against and elected PRESIDENT and his administration all because he is not a politician for life as many of those who hate him has been. The leaders of one of our two parties, the liberal arm of Congress, want their chosen candidate to be PRESIDENT so they can create their type of government, a socialist style of government, where only a chosen few will be the leaders while the rest are subjected to their whims and suffer under their laws that destroy the free choice to do what we feel are right.
      If you think you will like the socialist type of government, go an visit some of the countries in Europe, where things that we take for granted are more or less rationed out while the leaders remain in power and become rich and powerful. What do you find good in that type of life, free medical for life? Medicare for life. Gun control, where criminals are allowed to have weapons and you don’t and can’t defend yourself or your family? What good is that?

  3. Saddened

    Why are city and government officials cowering and giving in to terrorists? No matter what you do, you cannot change history. All these statues that are being destroyed represent important parts of history. There were a lot of bad things that happened , but still they happened. It is important that we have reminders of every aspect of history so we will hopefully make better choices moving forward. This was a very bad decision to remove this statue. Shame on you all. EVERYONE’S ancestors would not want what they went through to be forgotten any more than anyone today would want to be forgotten.
    These are beautiful works of art to be admired, NOT destroyed

  4. David rossell

    It very clear they want Anti-American things done in America. How sad. Very few, if any, have the Spirit of America anymore.
    It is hard to believe that the politicians are passing the BLM views. It definitely proves they are people of compromise and do not
    have much of the American spirit in them, also.
    How fulfilling it would be to go back to the “trilling years of yesteryear”

  5. Gary Greenwald

    This is ridiculous to bow down and remove these statues these are history whether people like it or not I’m so offended over these decisions. You people are making embarrassing to even say I live in the US. Ya’ll are nothing but a bunch of cowering fools to remove history over a bunch of clueless whining racist fools. Whoever made these decisions you don’t belong in your position not to care about what majority of the people think.

  6. Stanley

    That sucks
    This is the USA if they don’t want to live here please go

  7. Philip Antonishyn


  8. Cindy Nayman

    First of all I respect the Black Lives Movement but it seems to me everyone is trying to erase history. Things happened in the past right or wrong but it is our history. Lincoln was a great President and I’m not sure that I agree about taking done Lincoln’s statue is appropriate. He freed the slaves and American solders did their part, the Union solders. Things happened and this is our history and u can’t erase that.

  9. Richard Crowley

    President Lincoln did great things for this country and this statue is a great one. I think the people of Boston have gone way to far. We have a great history and people do not know this and are making FOOLS OF THEMSELVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What’s the matter with you all??????????????????????

  10. Joe Rota

    It’s wrong, stupid, sick , and cowardly bu words can’t express the ache in the hearts of real and true Americans !

  11. Chaplain Rodger DeRamus

    Can I just ask who will see and read all of these great comments? Will only those who have subscribed to this site be able to read them or can some of those who have chosen to allow the enemies of democracy to destroy our historical monuments read them and see how the conservative side of society feel about it? Probably just read by this site’s creators and then deleted.

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