Bloomberg Jumps Ahead of Harris in Poll, Grabs 6%

Apparently, spending tens of millions of your personal wealth on television ads across the country can make a difference.

In the latest Hill-HarrisX poll among likely Democratic voters and Democratic-leaning independents, newcomer Michael Bloomberg jumped from a 3% approval rating to 6%, leapfrogging Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) in the process.

Even though Bloomberg made a significant jump, he still remains far behind the frontrunners.  Biden remains in the top spot at 31%, followed by Bernie Sanders at 15%.  Elizabeth Warren captures 10%, and Pete Buttigieg is just behind her at 9%.

The numbers are significantly different from how the candidates stack up in early primary states such as Iowa, where Buttigieg recently overtook Warren for the lead.

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Comments (6)

  1. ann

    Bloomberg has donated billions to charities, medical schools etc. Warren wants to tax the rich to bring in more invaders, etc.

  2. Iskren Azmanov

    Nappy that next 2020 year for everybody***

  3. George C.

    Please stop using the word “Democratic” incorrectly. The correct word is “Democrat.” Accordingly, “Democratic” is an adjective that applies to everyone who believes in the democratic process (including Republicans). To use the word “Democratic” incorrectly implies, by default, that anyone who is not a Democrat is of the “undemocratic” persuasion. That’s simply not true and wrong.

  4. The 100% Republican

    Trump should get the FULL eight years in office. I voted for Good Christian Republican Trump!

  5. The 100% Republican

    Trump is our Good Republican Christian President and that he made America Great. More people are soon supporting Republican Trump. This is Good News for our world in general!

  6. David Smith

    Think of all the homeless people Mike Bloomberg could feed and shelter with all the money he is going to throw away on a Presidential race he can not win. What a waste.

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