Biden’s Climate Czar, John Kerry, Took Private Jet to Accept Climate Award in 2019

Sure, private jet air travel emits 40 times more carbon per passenger than flying commercial, but when you’re important, that doesn’t matter, right?

Former Secretary of State and now Climate Czar John Kerry flew by private plane in 2019 to accept an award for his climate work in Iceland, a decision he defended at the time as “the only choice for somebody like me,” as shown on a video posted Wednesday by

Mr. Kerry, who has been criticized for owning a climate-unfriendly Gulfstream jet, appeared in person in October 2019 to receive the Arctic Circle Prize for his “leadership in international climate cooperation” at the Arctic Circle Assembly held in Reykjavik.

Kerry explained that private jet travel was really the only choice for someone like him.

Kerry said:

“If you offset your carbon, it’s the only choice for somebody like me who is traveling the world to win this battle.  I negotiated the Paris accords for the United States. I’ve been involved in this fight for years.”

“I believe the time it takes me to get somewhere — I can’t sail across the ocean. I have to fly, to meet with people and get things done,” he said. “But what I’m doing, almost full-time, is working to win the battle of climate change, and in the end, if I offset and contribute my life to do this, I’m not going to be put on the defensive.”

You would think someone as wealthy and connected as Kerry would be able to, you know, plan ahead, thereby reducing his wait time on commercial flights while also foregoing private jet travel.

But maybe the inconvenience of bowing to lower emissions is only for the little people.

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Comments (5)

  1. kelly

    have you lost your flippin minds ?? 110, 000 plus are going to lose their jobs while u sit your rumb in the white house with a pretty pen . and you drilling you are not going to stop ? lets see how many MORE LIES CAN WE FIND OH YES .. WE TAKE GA CKS FOR 2000.00 OUT TO THE PEOPLE NOW ITS 1400 ..NONOONONO…,YOU HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE 600.00 trump had to beg congress to pass … so in OUR BOOK YOUR NOTHING BUT LIAR ..WE CAN HARDLY WAIT …. OH YEA … You in Jill a true LOVE STORY WTH do you think your KIDDING ??? You were having an affair with her she was married .. STOP THE CRAP OF “YOUR ALL THAT DUDE” YOU ARE NOT!!!

  2. James B Jacobs

    Climate change? We’ve always had climate change, and probably always will. Regardless of how much we spend trying to stop it.

  3. John

    I’m sure a person like you, John Kerry, needs to fly private jet. The smell of your lies and corruption alone would make people deathly sick. It’s the fact you are charging the taxpayers 10 tiimes or more than it actually costs is e problem. You are a two faced lying creep is just a bonus. I suggest trading in all the federal vehicles for smart card if you and job killer biden are really serious about saving the planet. You could even put a small Chinese flag on each door. It would give ISIS a nice target.

  4. Greg Kashuba

    John Kerry is an enigma! This pompous ASS Truly believes he is better than everyone! He is a prime example of do as I say, not as I do. Taking a commercial flight is so beneath him that he would never even consider the thought! My God, I’m John Kerry! Don’t you know WHO I AM? I’m too important to fly commercial with the peasants! My time is extremely valuable! Don’t you know that! Global Warming is the lie democrats use to justify everything. That’s proven fact! They got caught years ago and laid quite for several years until they felt empowered enough to start the global warming BS again! John Kerry couldn’t successfully run an ice cream for kids business. His wealth comes from marrying affluent women.

  5. Cg

    He’s mister important,typical crap eating dirtbag demoncraps !

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