Biden Says No COVID-19 Herd Immunity Until Thanksgiving & GOP Swamp Creatures Want to Form New Party

In this video, Dave covers the Biden administration moving the goalposts on its timeline for Americans to get back to normal. Their target is now Thanksgiving… or even later. Build Back Better is quickly becoming Build Back Never.

Never Trumpers consider leaving the Republican Party to form their own third party. Some of the flashy names being thrown around are the Integrity Party and Center-Right Party. Would they be doing conservatives a favor?

And there’s a happy ending for the woman who sprayed Gorilla Glue adhesive on her hair!

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Comments (11)

  1. Todd Koeppel

    How about the RINO party?

  2. Robert Sherman

    The travel ban needs to end. It does no good.

  3. Terry Kaas

    A third political party is a definite possibility. The Republicans dont seem to know who or what they are now. We will keep listening.

  4. Chuck


  5. Chuck

    Post it! No moderation coming! Publish the truth!

  6. Yaakov A Shlomo

    Those GOP members are traitors. They have no Integrity nor do they believe in Freedom and Liberty.

  7. Victor S Lawson

    LMAO Progressive establishment RINO never trumpers are NOT center-right. That’s the second stupidest thing I’ve heard in the past year. YES, they would be doing the republican party a huge favor. I’ve been a registered republican almost 58 years and a member of the republican committee for over 33 years and RINOs are more dangerous than the communist democraps. All my political life I’ve seen RINOs (never Trumpers) throw great conservative candidates under the bus and time after time they side wit communist democraps. They don’t believe in republican tenets but like communist democraps, they DO believe in wielding power for as long as they can. I would LOVE to see “never Trumpers” form their own party. Don’t let the door hit you in the arse on the way out, good riddance.

  8. Hank55

    I say Never Trumpers SHOULD leave the Republican Party … and they should leave the Democratic Party as well. They should form a true progressive party. The fact that a never trumper does not believe in America’s greatness is proof that they are globalists, socialists, communists NOT Americans.

  9. Chris Robinette

    Oh?? The Democratic puppet god biden can now predict when “herd” immunity will occur, if EVER?

  10. Claire Keon

    Mr Biden Leave the illegal immigrants on the other side of the wall that needs to be finished.
    We already have too many of our own legal citizens without jobs & food. Give our citizens
    back the jobs you just got rid of Reunite our country. Stop getting rid of all the good MAGA
    things. We need them back immediately.

  11. Billie

    Impeach the fraudulent Duo, Biden-Harris!
    They are absolutely against the Constitution and the United States of America!

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