Biden to Kill More Jobs as He Fights Climate Change by Stopping Energy Leases on Federal Land

Well, he did tell the world that he would do this.

President Biden followed through on a campaign promise with a new batch of executive actions aimed at combating climate change that will pause new oil and gas leases on federal land and strengthen measures to protect poor and minority neighborhoods from pollution.

While climate activists will cheer, energy sector workers are likely to be less enthusiastic as the changes will mean fewer jobs.

In the orders, Biden will call for a pause on new federal oil and gas leases and direct the Interior Department to review the program’s climate impacts and taxpayer benefits. He will also set a goal to conserve 30% of federal land and waters to protect wildlife, the sources said.

The orders will impact large swathes of acreage onshore in mostly Western states, as well as offshore drilling acreage located mainly in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico.

Word of the measure has drawn criticism from some states that depend on drilling revenue and the oil industry, which has warned the move will cost jobs and economic growth.

Biden will also assemble a national climate change task force, to be led by White House domestic climate policy advisor Gina McCarthy. It will enlist federal agencies to devise climate change strategies.

He will also form an interagency council aimed at addressing environmental justice, placing an official to oversee the issue within each federal agency, and direct 40% of benefits from clean energy investments to low-income and minority communities, the sources said.

Biden is also expected to create a special environmental justice enforcement unit at the Justice Department, they said.

The orders aim to make good on several of Biden’s campaign promises to tackle climate change while also addressing racial and economic inequality.

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Comments (7)

  1. Tom

    We have climate warming/cooling since the planet has existed. Another govt. FARCE.

  2. Tom

    We have climate warming/cooling since the planet has existed. Another govt. INDOCTRINATION FARCE.

  3. RC

    All we’ve heard from those democrats who’re now socialists (communists) is climate change. Though I don’t claim to be the sharpest knife in the drawer, I think I know the reason for our climate change and rising temperatures. As a boy growing up in Southern California during the 1930’s we had orange groves galore. We had large produce gardens, all kinds of bushes, trees and even weeds. Now the whole area is covered with high rise buildings, freeways, parking lots and housing projects. That has to affect the climate. I recall torrential rains and even a little dusting of snow now and then. Now, there’s nothing like any of those things. At one time I lived in the Sierras. We had an annual snow accumulation of something like fifteen feet. We lived in the forest and had to build our homes around the trees. Now the simply clear cut and build the house. They have very little snow there anymore. I believe in progress but it’s being carried too far. We should all back off and enjoy nature as it is and not try to change everything.

  4. Chris Robinette

    Federal Lands? Well Dictator Biden, Indian reservation lands are NOT federal land, so back off.

  5. Denise

    Climate change has been happening since the earth was formed. I read that back in the bronze age or that time period the same thing happened that is happening today. Climate change is something that the government will make money on. All paid by hard working Americans. kerry is a jerk. He’s rich he doesn’t have to worry about the high cost of everything. All VN vets can’t stand him he’s right there with Hanoi jane and Benghazi hillary.

  6. Marie

    Biden should assemble SCIENTISTS to give him the TRUE cause of CLIMATE CHANGE. because I read a report years ago from a former NASA scientist that climate change has nothing to do with human errors. but has something to do with the Earth’s revolution towards the Sun which happens every thousands of years, that heats up the core of the earth, and tilts the planet Earth, cause some oceans to recede and some to rise when the Antarctic ice melts. I tend to believe that scientist because only God can change the weather and control of the universe. I think this climate change is nothing but another scam of the powers that be to enhance the profitability of their industries. They even blame it on cow manure, so no more steaks for them,LOL. Money talks, BS walks is the tenet of these scammers.

  7. J. LeRoi

    We are fast becoming a communist nation. This lockdown has been to conditioning us to obey without question or suffer consequences.

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