On First Day, Biden Uses Pen to Change Course of the Nation

It wasn’t something he said, it was something he wrote…his signature. Using his pen, newly-installed President Biden dramatically changed U.S. policy on a number of fronts on his first day in office, and promised to do more on his second.

He began signing 15 executive actions addressing the coronavirus pandemic, climate change and racial inequality, and undoing some policies put in place by his predecessor Donald Trump.

The actions, fulfilling his promise to move quickly on Day One of his presidency, initiate the process of the United States rejoining the Paris climate accord and include the revocation of the presidential permit granted for the controversial Keystone XL oil pipeline.

The steps Biden is taking will end a travel ban Trump put in place on some majority-Muslim countries. He is also calling upon his administration to strengthen the DACA program for immigrants brought to the United States as children.

The new president is also ordering the wearing of masks and social distancing in all federal buildings and on all federal lands and is ending a national emergency declaration that was the basis for diverting some federal funds to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

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Comments (4)

  1. Chaplain Rodger DeRamus

    That makes it easier for illegals to cross the southern border.
    For ya’lls information, not all illegals are from Central and South America. Muslims and Chinese are crossing, too.
    The Chinese are trying to steal our technology and the Muslims are getting ready to attack us again.

    • Eijebong

      Masks making it easier?
      In what way? Aren’t they ‘entering’ the border crossing ‘into’ the USA? Surely their ‘direction’, even wearing masks, would be a dead giveaway.
      And, I’m curious…I know of:
      • Honduras
      • Guatemala
      • El Salvador
      Where is the evidence behind your allegations regarding Chinese/Muslims also border-crossing?

    • Howard

      All you have to do is read go to valleycentral.com, rollcall.com and there are lots more.

      • Eijebong

        Thank you Howard, however on valleycentral.com, I could only find this (from 10 Dec 2019):
        Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any story related to ‘Muslims’. Although this obviously provides some [dated] evidence, (the truck driver was a U.S. citizen), the Chinese numbers (at 11 in the story) do not appear to be ‘significant’. “But”, a further search https://Breitbart.com “Exclusive: 1,155 Chinese nationals apprehended after illegally entering U.S. in FY2020″ provided the number as being 1,114 FYTD-Jan SBO. (Total of …”1,155…” when including NBO and Coastal.)
        Sadly, try as I might, I could not find any stories on rollcall.com. Hopefully, you can provide me with the URL link to them.
        A story on the https://www.thenewamerican.com [search] “Immigrants From Over 75 countries Illegally Crossing U.S. Border” but their numbers—supposedly from the same CBP report—don’t match. Their story includes numbers for some other nationals, but does not identify their religion.
        Bottom line…I’m happy to run with the Chinese assertion, but very reluctant to go that extra step to include Muslims.
        From https://www.washingtonpost.com
        [search] the perspective story “Why Trump’s fearmongering about Muslims at the border misses the mark” is a very useful read.
        Also checkout https://apnews.com [dated] story “AP FACT CHECK: Trump’s mythical terrorist tide from Mexico”.
        Although I do genuinely thank you for providing ‘some’ direction, I think there is a consistent push towards fear-mongering rather than factual-based considered opinion.

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