President Biden Says the U.S. Will Have Enough Vaccine Before June 1

On Tuesday, President Joe Biden said the United States was on track to have enough vaccines for every adult in the country by the end of May now that Merck & Co will help rival Johnson & Johnson produce its single-shot COVID-19 vaccine.

Biden said the partnership was similar to those seen during World War II. With three vaccines now available, Biden also said he was confident the country would reach its goal of delivering 100 million COVID-19 vaccine doses in 100 days.

The President didn’t mention the previous administration’s efforts to develop the vaccine or get millions of doses delivered before the end of 2020. Maybe he ran out of time when making his remarks.

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Comments (2)

  1. john

    i think covid is the only thing biden is allowed tospeak about. god help us

  2. Donald

    Not a surprising goal since Trumo has already brought the USA TO OVER 50 MILLION CITIZENS HAVING AKREADY HAD AT KEAST DOSE. If Traitor Joe wanted to set a real goal it would be much higher than 100 million!

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