Biden Says Greatest Concern Is Trump Won’t Leave if Defeated

On the Daily Show, Joe Biden told the world what keeps him up at night. Apparently, he’s worried that Trump will try to steal the upcoming presidential election and not acknowledge the result if he loses.  But Biden says he’s confident that U.S. soldiers would escort Trump from the White House if he refuses to leave.

Biden said:

“It’s my greatest concern, my single greatest concern: This president is going to try to steal this election.”

Biden didn’t lay out how Trump is supposed to steal an election overseen by local and state officials around the country, but he did allude to the president’s objections to mail-in ballots.

There’s no precedent in U.S. history of a president refusing to leave office or acknowledge losing an election, and there’s no indication that Trump wants to be the first.  But it does make good television for Biden to bring up the issue and then knock it down with the military.

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Comments (4)

  1. Arthur Thompson

    That puppet faced idiot Biden. Only he and his left wing cronies would make a problem that don’t exist and blow it up as far as they can..

    Prison terms for all of them for traitorous acts..

  2. Lilly

    Maybe Biden is remembering how he helped Obama and Hillary try to smear Trumps life but the wasted a lot of money trying to prove that he colluided with Russia when it was his party doing all of the planning. with help from RHINO McClain going over and bringing back the dossier even then you all knew it was a lie. The American people knew it was a lie. Just like the polls now. President Trump did a good job with the pandemic that he was handed. It was even mentioned in the State Of The Union message which Peolise ripped up and didn’t even read.

  3. Babbo

    That is the most stupid of many comments from Biden. There is no way that our President would stay in the White House if defeated. I suppose Biden will go in single handedly and carry him out. Just try it!!!!!

  4. jim

    Like when he wouldn’t accept the election results of 2016 if he lost,, as experts predicted? And look who never accepted the results at the end of day! The Dems and media, same thing!! Dems and media are an internal force for evil in this country!

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