Biden Lead Narrows After Hunter Email Scandal

Twitter and other social media platforms appear to be doing President Trump a favor, although they probably didn’t mean to.

By cutting off the New York Post as it ran a story about emails linked to Hunter Biden showing influence peddling, the social media outlets gave the story more coverage than it likely would have generated on its own.

To be fair, the pictures of Hunter Biden with a crack pipe, along with some other salacious pictures and notes about selling access to his dad while Joe Biden was the Vice President, would still be news. But the social media outlets trying to keep the information from spreading simply drove people to find it elsewhere.

Amidst all of the noise, Joe Biden has lost a bit of his lead.

After the scandal broke last week, Biden’s national lead dipped from 9% to 7%, with him leading Trump 50% to 43%. That’s still well outside the margin of error, but because of the way the electoral college works, Democratic candidates need a 7% to 10% lead in national polls to feel confident heading into the election.

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Comments (8)

  1. looie bamis

    After the news this week, he should be in jail, not the Oval Office.

  2. Gene

    Helping the Chinese is a mortal sin for Joe Biden and should rot in hell. Before this he should be tried as a traitor and he and Obama should both serve in the same cell forever. Our military should not die for these traitors.

    • mspidge

      They both should be arrested and tried for treason


    Americans get Better in There Thinking about this Basement Man.

  4. MB

    Oh shucks, rottens apples gonna spoil the batch now
    Trump 2020!!!!!

  5. Alois J Lohn

    It would be nice to see that for once a high profile politician goes to jail for what any normal person that does the same is sent to jail and the key is thrown away. After they throw Biden in the clamber start catching up with the Clintons and Obama.

  6. Patty

    This should be of concern for everyone. If Biden will not come clean on this, what else is he hiding? We DO deserve to know, if he expects our votes! Do we want this going on if he steals this election? Will he sell us out to China again? Probably! Think about it people! We want a patriot as our president, NOT a tool of China, Russia, or any other country! Vote RED!!! MAGA. KAG

  7. mspidge

    If you believe this crap that biden is leading Trump at ALL, you’re HALF-BAKED

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