Biden in Democratic Debate: No New Drilling for Oil

The Democratic National Committee didn’t allow a live audience to watch the latest debate for the Democratic presidential nomination, which probably didn’t matter since Joe Biden has all but locked up the race. But that didn’t mean there wasn’t anything to see.

During the debate, Joe Biden gave clues to just how far he has moved from a centrist, moderate position. Among his comments, he said:

“No more subsidies for fossil fuel industry, no more drilling on federal lands, no more drilling including offshore, no ability for the oil industry to continue to drill. Period. Ends.”

“No new fracking and, by the way, on the Recovery Act, I was able to make sure we invested $90 billion in making sure we brought down the price of solar and wind that is lower than the price of coal, that’s why not another new coal plant will be built.”

Biden echoed comments he’d made at a CNN Townhall on climate change where he gave full support to the Green New Deal.  During the debate he reiterated his support for high-speed rail lines, which have never made enough economic sense in the U.S. to be built. The one under construction in California is years behind, tens of billions of dollars over budget, and will not connect any major destinations.

Biden gave a small hint as to his running mate, which he said would be a woman.

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