Biden Extends His Lead in National Poll to 12 Points

It looks like the trifect of Trump’s move to replace Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsburg, his debate performance and his COVID-19 illness and recovery haven’t helped his re-election campaign.

In its latest weekly White House Watch poll, Rasmussen found last Wednesday that Democratic challenger Joe Biden now holds a 12-point lead over Trump, which marks the second consecutive week that his lead has been in double digits.

The latest poll found Biden ahead 52% to 40%, with 4% choosing a third-party candidate and 4% undecided.

Trump has the support of 76% of Republicans, while 81% of Democrats support Biden. Those numbers aren’t surprising or likely to change. The election will be decided by Independent voters, where Biden has an 18-point lead.

Obviously, these are just polls, so they don’t decide elections, but they do give an indication of how voters are leaning. The poll is also national, which can be misleading because there are just a few states that are in play, such as Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. Even in those states, Joe Biden has the lead, although not by the same margin as the national poll.

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Comments (10)

  1. Susan Doten

    any of the politicians running today. Even their own past voters are bailing on them. And who can blame them? The entire DNC is an insane asylum and the lunatics like Old Joe, Queenie Nanc, and Slippery Schmucky are leading the entire bunch over the cliff all together at the same time with NO exceptions. And that does mena there are no old time dim wits, they have all been driven to the same insane agenda, fundamental destruction of the USA. A vote for any of them is a vote for the end of this country and the constitution.

    If these morons who cannot manage a budget start adjusting the constitution, etc. it will be the end of our rights and way of life. Expect to be herded into cities that are packed so the government can manage everyone the same way and with no options to not belong to the government and this lunatic asylum.

  2. James D Huddleston

    It seems these polls leave out a very important group, the conservative Christian voters. Remember the 2016 election polls showed Clinton with a commanding lead and then on election night when the true returns came in, Chuck Todd remarked to Lester Holt, “Lester come and look at this board.” Born again Christians appear to be about 80-85% for Trump and the pollsters need to take note of that and include that number in their polls.

  3. robert

    Really x Another repeat of 2016 – Whaaaaaaaat Happened ???

  4. Rex Whitmer

    Who is doing the polling? Last election Trump was said to have been a way behind Clinton in the election! Once the votes were counted, she wasn’t even close. The more the public see’s of dimwit Biden the less they want him as a leader! Lets face it! If Biden is elected the real ruler of the USA will be either Harris or Pelosi! Biden used his office of Vice President to obtain literally millions of dollars from other nations, the same as Hillary would have done had she succeeded! The changes he wants to make in our government would put America in the same boat as most Europeans! Persons in Europe are unable to own homes, buy automobiles and so forth. They have no choice of doctors! Good or bad, they’re stuck with them. This would be Biden’s America!

  5. John W Dendy

    Yet Biden’s rallies have very few attendees? Another BS poll. Who do these fools think they are fooling?

  6. Robert Richey

    Joe may very well win the popular vote with all of the stooges in the three or four idiotic states but hopefully, Trump will pull out an electoral win and save our country.

  7. Dave LeBlanc

    Stupid biden

  8. Rob McCoy

    Polls are severly slanted in favor of Dems. because of the way they are taken. The real poll will be next Tuesday with Trump RUNNING AWAY WITH IT!!!

  9. Lee Roman

    If Biden wins the presidency it will sadden me for the nation’s future. The financial impact it will have on our growth and the major financial recovery we have had during Trumpʻs presidency will quickly dissipate. Yes, having the Hunter Biden scandal climbing all over Joe Biden will prove the crookedness of Bidenʻs upcoming presidency yet to surface.

    Looking on the bright side of things, the anger in the Left may finally calm down while they party-hardy over their win of the White House. Iʻve been waiting years for this to happen and possibly the left can take a big step back and attend some anger management classes. They will have to take some of what they have dished out the last few years and start cleaning up their act. The Republicans will be spending their extra time proving Biden isnʻt fit to run this country. Oh, Iʻm sure Biden will get lots of advice from Obama, the do-nothing president.

    Letʻs pray American doesnʻt move any closer to becoming a communistic nation.

    Thank you.

    Letʻs keep America from faltering.

    • Chaplain Rodger DeRamus

      I am a Christian chaplain and I voted for Trump-Pence. It is not that I approved of ALL that Trump stood for or how he used social media to tear others down, it is because he was the Republican candidate and I strongly disapprove of what the democrats stand for: Abortion on Demand; using taxpayer money to fund Planned Parenthood, the largest provider of abortions in the country. Their stand on the constitution, their disregard for 1st and 2nd Amendments and many other usage of taxes.
      These are just a few of the points I disagree with and I could never vote for democrats.

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