Break a Law, Get a Prize! Biden Wants to Give 11 Million Illegal Immigrants an 8-Year Path to Citizenship

Of course, it matters which law you break. Some just land you in jail. But as we can see with part of Biden’s immigration proposal, breaking immigration laws can be quite lucrative.

The proposal applies to illegal immigrants in the country on January 1, 2021, but hey, like paying off student loan debt, if you do it once, you’ll do it again, right?

Within hours of being sworn in as president on Wednesday, Joe Biden will announce an immigration bill that would open a path to citizenship for millions of immigrants in the country unlawfully, a sharp contrast to the policies of outgoing Republican President Donald Trump.

Biden, a Democrat, will also sign 15 executive actions on Wednesday, spokeswoman Jen Psaki said. At least six of those will deal with immigration, according to a memo, making it a major focus of Biden’s first day in office.

The actions include immediately lifting a travel ban on some, mostly Muslim-majority countries, immediately halting construction of the U.S.-Mexico border wall and reversing a Trump order preventing migrants who are in the United States illegally from being counted when U.S. congressional voting districts are next redrawn.

Biden will also sign a memorandum directing the Department of Homeland Security and the attorney general to preserve the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, which protects migrants who came to the country as children from deportation, and reverse a Trump executive order calling for stricter interior immigration enforcement.

Taken together, the actions show Biden is beginning his presidency with a sharp focus on immigration, just as Trump kept the issue at the center of his policy agenda until the last days of his administration. In one of his few post-election public appearances, Trump visited a section of the U.S.-Mexico border wall earlier this month.

Biden’s decision to immediately roll back Trump’s so-called Muslim ban – which targeted travelers and immigrants from several Muslim-majority nations – underscores his desire to restore U.S. standing in the world. While Trump insisted the ban was instated for security reasons, it was widely panned as discriminatory.

Lifting the ban may be an easier task, however, than getting Congress to pass the ambitious legislative proposal Biden plans to submit on Wednesday. The proposal will lay out an eight-year road map to citizenship for many of the estimated 11 million immigrants living in the country unlawfully, according to a fact sheet distributed to reporters by incoming White House officials on Tuesday.

Eligible immigrants who were in the country as of Jan. 1 will be given a temporary status for five years, before being granted green cards for permanent residency, which is subject to certain requirements, such as background checks. They could then apply for citizenship after three more years, officials said.

The wait time for legalization would be shorter – three years – for some of the approximately 645,000 beneficiaries of the DACA program and more than 400,000 immigrants living in the United States with Temporary Protected Status (TPS). It would also be expedited for some farmworkers.

Many DACA, TPS holders, and farmworkers would be immediately eligible to apply for green cards, officials said.

DACA and TPS currently offer eligibility for work permits and protection from deportation but no permanent legal status.

Biden was vice president when former President Barack Obama created DACA to protect young immigrants, often called “Dreamers,” brought to the United States as children.

Trump tried to end DACA and phase out TPS for some countries but was stymied in federal court. One case challenging DACA is still pending in Texas.

The legislative proposal raises annual per-country limits on legal immigration and calls for recapturing unused visas. It also authorizes regional processing centers in Central America for registration for programs like refugee resettlement.

If passed, it would be the largest legislative overhaul of the U.S. immigration system since the administration of Republican President Ronald Reagan in the 1980s.

For decades, Congress has failed to pass a major immigration reform bill. While Democrats effectively hold a majority in the House, the Senate is divided 50-50 with incoming Vice President Kamala Harris as the tie-breaking vote. A lack of bipartisan support has hampered past efforts to overhaul the immigration system.

Passing an ambitious bill with Republican support could be a struggle, said Jessica Vaughan from the Washington-based Center for Immigration Studies, which backed many of Trump’s most restrictive policies. “I think this is more about symbolism,” she said, referring to the immigration bill’s goals.

In the meantime, Biden faces a more immediate issue. Migrant caravans have been on the move in Central America, with some aiming to arrive at the southwest border after Biden’s inauguration. On Monday, baton-wielding Guatemalan soldiers clashed with migrants, removing a large part of a caravan that included women and children.

Incoming national security adviser Jake Sullivan said on a call with reporters on Tuesday that it would be “unwise” for migrants to come to the border now because of limited capacity to process asylum claims.

“The situation at the border is one we intend to change, but it is going to take considerable time for us to be able to change it in an effective way,” he said.

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Comments (13)

  1. Linnea Mensching

    I oppose giving these illegals a path to citizenship. My father came from Sweden and became an American citizen the legal way.
    He was proud of his citizenship which he earned by following the laws governing immigration.

    Kick these illegals out immediately!

    • Jewell

      That’s right, kick them all out.

    • Robert Terry Moore

      Amen to your comment. However, Biden has trouble knowing what day of the week it is and, like so many of people afflicted with cognitive disabilities, he has no clue as to the impact of supporting such a disastrous policy.

    • Donald Miller

      When I was a youngster ( late 1940’s ) I grew up with quite a large group of immigrants from eastern Europe. They had suffered the effects of WWII. Now they were here in the U.S. and very glad to be here. During those days they had to be able to read , write and speak English in order to become a citizen. Everyone of them took English classes as well as civics classes. My best friend was George ( named after George Washington ) , a first generation Hungarian-American. His father was taking English classes and would always speak to me in English. Very proud that he could speak English. I never told him that with his accent , I could not understand a word he spoke.
      Flash forward a couple of decades and I’m living in California. With thousands of illegal Mexicans. They want to be here in the U.S. but very very few are making any attempt to learn English. And they do not have to speak English as they have brought their Mexican culture with them. And there are at least dozens of schools in California that teach their classes in Spanish ! So the students do not have to learn English.
      So , I am employed in an aircraft plant , working a high tech job, being paid fairly well and Bill Clinton is elected ! I can guess what’s coming ! Sure enough , a year later and I’m unemployed. After 19 years at my job. At 20 years my retirement would have been locked in. His domestic policies took away our jobs. I have read in the newspapers that in the aircraft industries along with associated industries that some 900,000 of us were now out of work . My own plant went from 4,000 employees down to 700 employees. No problems finding a parking space now . My co-worker , Winston is now saying , how am I going to pay for my house !? The Democrats did offer job retraining. As minimum wage security guards. With so many thousands of us dumped on the job market at one time , there simply were no jobs to be found. Just before my unemployment was to run out , Fender Guitars was going to open a plant to manufacture Fender Guitars. But , they would only hire illegal migrants at $5.00 per hour. Would you believe that Fender Guitars is owned and operated by Democrats ? I finally sold my house and moved to another state in order to find a job. I almost laughed out load when I saw my first pay check. My gross pay was about equal to what the with holding tax had been with my aircraft job. Thanks a lot Bill Clinton and the yahoos that voted for him. The Democrats cost me my job AND my retirement ! Now , here I am today with nothing but my S.S. !

  2. Lawrence Greenberg

    Is there really anyone who still believes that 11 million number? If this proposal becomes law (G-d help us), it will then become very clear that the 11 million they claim is actually 40-50 million.

  3. Carolyn Marlin

    Sir is Biden going to turn U.S.A. states into a Kenite States the rich 10%the poor90%????

  4. Richard

    What the 11,000,000 will have to do, which was not required before, is when taking their oath they will also have to swear allegiance to the democratic party and sign a promise to vote for democrats forever.



  6. Faye Norsworthy

    No matter what Patriots have to do, we have to reverse the Coup on our government by the corrupt Democrats.
    Their treasonous acts deserve the maximum punishment allowed by law.

  7. Graciela Sanders

    The new Constitution “We the democrats in Congress’s and the immigrants rule the Country ”
    Frightening and BIZARRE!!

  8. Pauline

    Our immigration policies have become corrupt. People give arguments to say why immigrants should or should not become legal, but I never see anyone comment farther. Some say that current immigrants are not doing much to adapt to our country to learn English because they don’t want to. That’s one argument, but there’s more to it. We have made things so easy, they don’t have to learn English. At first we added translation to some instructions and documents under the pretense to make things easier for immigrants. This started with just Spanish. We now have dozens of language translations for just about every document produced. This was done, not to help, but to make immigrants enabled to us. Giving freebies to anybody under the pretense of helping them is another way to control others. We also have the arguments that we all came from immigrants. There is no comparison to immigrants now to the immigrants that came through Ellis Island. We have handwritten documents with names, ships, dates, departure and destination places, amount of money in their posession and more. Sure there were some that might have been overlooked, but we had a much clearer idea of how many were here before we had computers. Quarantines were set up for disease back then, but now we have no idea of what diseases are coming to our country.

  9. Georgia Nation Wessling

    I am glad that I am 83. Will be 84 in April. Our country is falling downhill so fast. I am glad I may not be here for its complete breakdown. Many of our current leaders are pulling us down instead of raising us up – including our current president. We have come so far away from the country our founding fathers started. Arnold Toynbee said that almost all governments have not lasted over 250 years. We are at year 244 and falling fast. Please let us work hard to keep it.

  10. Red

    Has sleepy-joe thought about the effect of this legislation combined with the $15 minimum wage – 11 million migrant workers – likely to drive many farms and other industries that depend on low-wage workers – we are headed for a rocky future (socialism?) based on current ‘cancel-Trump’ no matter the effect on the economy …

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