Better Get Maaco! Tesla 3 Bumpers Tear Off in Rain, Company Won’t Pay for Damages

Tesla makes a cool looking Model S, and even the X and Y are pretty good. The Model 3, however, sort of looks like a lima bean sedan. It’s not special other than it’s a Tesla.

But the Model 3 does have one quality that the other models don’t seem to share. When driven through water or other debris that kicks up, the rear bumper can be easily torn off.  Youtube and blogs dedicated to electric vehicles are full of video clips of the bumpers coming off of these cars.  Because Teslas come with cameras, the car owners have video of exactly what happened.

Unfortunately, Tesla isn’t stepping up to take care of its clients, even though the cars are under warranty. Perhaps the warranty doesn’t explicitly say, “The company is liable for poor workmanship and design that can lead to major parts flying off during normal operation.” You might assume that would be true, but clearly Tesla thinks otherwise.

It could be that the company is a wee bit busy dealing with other customer complaints. Including Tesla for the first time in its rank of initial quality, J.D. Power recently placed the electric car maker dead last at 250 problems per 100 vehicles. 

Thank goodness we as U.S. taxpayers are still supporting them through emission credits. While the company has passe the threshold to receive the directly, the federal government still requires auto manufacturers make a certain number of zero emission vehicles.  No U.S. manufacturer but Tesla makes the quota, and Tesla has some to spare, so it sells credits to other car makers. Last year Tesla barely made a profit of about $200 million, while the firm collected more than $300 million by selling emission credits.  You do the math.

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Comments (3)

  1. Laird Markland

    Considering the costs of a Tesla’s, I would expect Tesla to cover the cost of the repair, no matter the mileage on the car.

  2. Laird Markland

    Considering the cost of a Tesla, and their reputation, one would expect Tesla to step up and correct the issue!

  3. Tom Bennett AMSOIL JOBBER

    Take away Tesla’s tax payer subsidies and they are in the toilet as it should be when you build JUNK.

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