There Could Be Beer In Your Soap

It might sound a waste of a good beer to add it to soap, but there’s a reason.  Non-alcoholic brews are becoming more popular, which leaves brewers with an unexpected problem.  What to do with leftover alcohol?

AB InBev struck a deal with Belgium-based Ecover to create a dishwashing liquid with a quarter of its content derived from the zero-alcohol versions of Leffe and Jupiler beer brands.

AB InBev’s innovation and technology director for Europe, David De Schutter, said:

“The brewery was asking us what can we do with the alcohol, because it’s piling up, it’s a large quantity, that’s why we were looking for partners.”

At maximum capacity, the company’s brewey in Leuven could remove alcohol from 1.2 billion liters, or more than 300 million gallons, of beer each year.  While able to get you drunk, the alcohol is also a good cleaning agent and preservative.

AB InBev said it was looking at ways to re-use other waste. Spent grains may be the next big thing.

Most of the 1.3 million tonnes it produces per year worldwide is currently used as cattle feed. But it said it had potential partners in the pipeline and was looking into turning it into a plant-based meat substitute for humans.

If that happens, then men around the world really can have beer for dinner… and they can wash up with it as well.









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