Bear Spotted with Trump Sticker on Tracking Collar; Conservation Group Goes Nuts

If President Trump could have orchestrated this, he would’ve. But who would think to put a political sticker, or any sticker, on the tracking collar on a live bear?

Sheila Chapman saw the bear wander onto her porch in North Asheville, North Carolina on July 31. She said that it’s not unusual to spot bears, but this one had something colorful on it’s tracking collar. She snapped a picture and realized it was a Trump2020 sticker.

Chapman was not amused. She said:

“We have so many places in this world to put stickers and express our political views. Using a wild animal for that is cruel and inhuman. It’s not OK.”

She probably meant “inhumane,” as in poor treatment, instead of inhuman, but it’s not clear why the sticker would be cruel. Even if the bear is a Democrat, it’s not like the bear can see the sticker.

As for the local Help Asheville Bears (HAB) organization, they were even less amused.

The group tweeted:

“Bears are NOT Billboards! Second black bear in Asheville,NC confirmed with political sticker on tracking collar. 😡😡😢

“HAB is offering a $5,000 reward for information on the person(s) responsible for putting this political sticker on this beautiful bear who has already been trapped, tranquilized, and collared unnecessarily. This bear must wear this burdensome collar (now with a sticker) and bolts in its ears for worthless data.”

It’s not clear if there is a law against putting a sticker on such an animal’s collar. If there isn’t, or if there’s only a civil fine of less than $5,000, then whoever placed it there should publicly take credit and claim the reward for himself or herself. The idea that the HAB would have to give reward money to the very person that put the sticker on the collar would probably give them fits.

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Comments (4)

  1. Miguel Garcia

    Its hard to imagine that someone hates Trump so much that a sticker on a bear would sent them flying. Has this person said a single thing about black kids getting killed in Chicago, human tracking in this country?

  2. Glen De Lough

    While this is funny, it is not as funny as the fake outrage by the Left. Nothing whatsoever resembling a sense of humor in those Leftist critters.

  3. Allan ANDERSON

    How does someone get close enough to put a sticker on the bear?

  4. MikeyW

    Maybe the bears put them on themselves. After all, bears are self-sustaining entrepreneurs, asking for nothing from the government other than to be left alone to get on with their lives.

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