Baltimore Still Has Issues… Ballot Box Guard Shot During Robbery Attempt

At some point, we have to admit that some criminals aren’t stupid, they’re brazen. They commit crimes in plain sight not because they aren’t aware of cameras or witnesses, but because they believe their odds of getting caught are so small, especially in areas with high crime rates.

Here’s looking at you, Baltimore.

With the nation focused on ballot security during early voting and mail-in voting for the presidential election, we can be forgiven for immediately thinking that when a group of men attacked a security guard assigned to a ballot box dropoff that they were trying to perpetrate voter fraud. Perhaps they intended to steal ballots or stuff the ballot box. But no, their intentions were much simpler. They intended to rob the security guard.

The men approached the private security guard hired to protect the ballot box as he sat in his car. They banged on the car and tried to open the doors. When that failed, they shot him as he sat in his car. The assailants never turned their attention to the ballot box. The security guard suffered several gunshot wounds but should survive.

Cameras trained on the parking lot where the ballot box sits caught the attack. The state requires ballot boxes to be watched by cameras or security personnel. This one was watched by both.

Now we need someone to stand guard over the security personnel.

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Comments (6)

  1. MB

    Sounds like to old Wild West where one has to shoot first then ask questions
    If this keeps up remember the deplorables and the silent ones
    We are stronger than you think
    All we will need is a signal to get ready and go!!!

  2. Susan Green

    Informed American my ass. You can’t even publish from here. What the hell happened to believing in your damned slogan? And yet you don’t even live in the USA. Ex-pat in France? Put up or shut up, just like the loser in the White House.

    • Informed American

      Not sure what you’re referencing. We live in U.S., pay taxes, and vote.

    • Harold L. Clark

      Stupid says as stupid is!

  3. Connie Lynn Phillips

    How can they let the mail in votes continue after so many have been not taken seriously it needs to be stopped there is no way they are legal .

  4. terry

    That is what the 2nd amendment is for; an armed response might have gotten the right results.

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