Auto Theft Skyrockets as California Goes With No Bail System

This might be too complicated. Or at least, it appears too complicated for the California legal system.

When the police arrest a suspect for a crime, and the suspect is quickly released awaiting trial, the suspect then has time to commit another crime, if so inclined.

This doesn’t mean that everyone accused of a crime either has committed a crime or will commit one in the future, but if the experience in L.A. is any guide, there are plenty of people who think the new no-bail policy is a great way to get on with their criminal workday.

Crosstown L.A. analyzed auto theft data in L.A. county from April through June and found a 57% increase this year over the same period last year. Granted, this year also includes the pandemic period, when more cars are sitting around for a long period of time, making them more attractive targets. This is especially so because the county quit issuing parking tickets. But still, repeat offenders are the thing.

LAPD Lieutenant Siage Hosea, who works on the Task Force for Regional Autotheft Protection, said:

“People are seeing that they’re not going to stay in jail, especially for car theft.  So what’s happening is we are seeing repeat offenders.”

Interestingly, overall crime in L.A. has fallen 8.5% in the first half of 2020 compared to 2019, likely because more people are home all day, which makes it harder to break into their homes.

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