Austin Suburb Pledges 100% Renewable Energy: That’s When Things Went South

Georgetown, Texas, is just on the north side of Austin.  It’s a beautiful, middle-class town with good schools and a couple of universities.  Last year, the town decided to go all-in on renewable energy, committing to using only wind and solar, which doesn’t sound that bad since Texas produces the most electricity from wind farms in the U.S.

In addition to taking only power from wind through the electrical grid, the town also applied for and received a grant from Michael Bloomberg’s foundation to build a battery system that would store energy for times when the wind doesn’t blow or the sun doesn’t shine.

But it hasn’t worked out well.

In less than a year, utility bills have climbed dramatically as the local power authority pulled more energy from solar and wind and less from natural gas-fired plants.  Now the power authority is $7 million in the hole… and there’s no battery system.

To build a battery field sufficient to power the 25,600 residences, the city would have to spend $400 million, and it would only be good for 12 hours.  If the city experienced a cloudy, windless couple of days, it would run out of power.

The city council voted unanimously to unwind the deal with the Bloomberg foundation… as well as raise property taxes.

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Comments (6)

  1. JoeyP

    It looks UGLY . . . And STUPID! It looks as if the town was infiltrated by the “Loony Left” which unfortunately has a SEVERE case of the TERMINAL STUPIDS (which tends to be PERMANENT). Instead of believing the “Climate Change” HOAX (which is a lie set up by the Club of Rome) the town’s needs would be better served by a Natural Gas plant. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  2. Chip Spradley

    Stupid liberals.

    • Clear thinker

      Joey, get some mental health treatment asap.

  3. Shela Blasingim

    According to the website for Georgetown, Texas this entire story is bogus. Who is stupid? I think it’s anybody who accepts a story without a byline or references without checking for themselves if it’s true.

  4. Jim

    So why don’t we have
    Media to report honestly on these subjects?

  5. Gerald

    The article is easily documented and a brief reference to Georgetown Texas on Bing will take you to the city government and how it spent $5 to $7 million per year more to use solar/wind energy production out of budgets o less than $50 million. Then it raised taxes. Look it up.

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