Austin PD Defunded: 1/3 Budget Cut Approved, Gov. Greg Abbott Says Texas State Police Will Step In

At some point, you can’t let the kids make decisions, there has to be a grown-up in the mix. It looks like Austin, Texas might finally have reached that point.

The city is relatively safe, although homelessness and trash are a problem. But in response to the waves of protests across the country and a few incidences in town, the Austin City Council voted to slash the city’s police budget by $150 million, or about one-third.

Governor Greg Abbott and State Attorney General Ken Paxton think that is the exact wrong approach, and have decided to do something about it.

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Comments (3)

  1. Zues Papadopoulos

    Police Chief to the Mayor/City Counsel: “If the budget cuts are a final decision, I am here to inform you, that when I get back to my desk, I will inform the Police Department of this and that a total walk out will be endorsed by me and every officer will be headed home right after their current shift. They will return, when you come to your senses and not before. Have a nice day – – – – A$$.”

  2. JC

    The city council is all but imbecilic! Defunding the police force is sheer stupidity. Not sure where the thinking to do this came from but the lawlessness this will cause is ludicrous. Must be too any left wing nuts coming to Austin ad bringing foolish liberal ideas with them. They need to be re imagined.

  3. Rex Whitmer

    Is the whole nation crazy? I’m beginning to think we have a whole bunch of idiots who have managed to make the entire nation look stupid. These criminals have taken over local governments and Mayors and governors seem to think they are kings! The sad part is that the citizens they are disparaging are acting like it isn’t at all important! We’ve had some goofy happenings in the past, but these incidents show us that regular people can not rule themselves anymore. Governors and Mayors believe that they no longer belong to the USA, and have been elected to dictate laws as THEY see fit! The second amendment is the only thing keeping them from declaring that their people whom they have subjigated must endure whatever they believe is right! Are we seeing the end of the USA? I hate to have to say it but it seems to be! One thing we are not is UNITED! California, Washington, Oregon, Michigan, New York, and a few others seem to believe that their governor or whatever, has absolute freedom to do as he or she wishes. The want to define themselves as the nation of DEMOCRATS. Morals, laws, religion, and sensibility are now a thing of the past! Any other time, and likely any other state or nation we would see the citizens rising up in anger. But not these Citizens! Apparently they are happy with it?

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