Auroro Colorado Police “Stand Down” Instead of Confronting Violent Man… Twice

Is it any wonder gun sales are through the roof?

Leander McCoy of Aurora Colorado outside of Denver invited Robert Thompson, 47, to stay in an apartment with him and his girlfriend. It was a bad idea.

Thompson has a history of violence and a rap sheet. Sure enough, Thompson soon became a problem, exposing himself, threatening people, and even throwing a rock through someone’s window. McCoy called the police, who showed up and quickly assessed the situation. Then they told McCoy that they were leaving, as they’d been ordered to “stand down” to avoid escalation.

Then it got worse.

Thompson eventually cornered McCoy’s girlfriend and another woman in a bedroom, then began smashing things with a golf club, eventually vandalizing cars with the club. The police were called again but again decided to stand down. The two women were rescued through a window by the fire department.

The police said they chose to leave so that the confrontation didn’t become physical and potentially lead to the use of deadly force.

Aurora Police Deputy Chief Darin Parker said:

“I totally understand that there’s people that were, that felt like they were abandoned.”

Because they were.

Leaving a violent suspect doesn’t de-escalate the situation, it simply leaves the person to commit violence on more people. Eventually, the violent person will come up against someone with a gun. What happens then? Do we charge the citizen with murder for not de-escalating by running away or complying with the violent offender?

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Comments (21)

  1. David Miller

    WTF? They left this Lunatic? Are they the Social Police?
    Glad to be a Gun Owner

  2. MB

    That is why we left Colorado after 45 yrs good any more due to the leadership

    • Chaplain Rodger DeRamus

      Now there are thousands and thousands of people who have purchased some pretty serious fire power out there. They are armed to the hilt and seem to be prepared to shoot and kill someone that they are in a disagreement with.
      Nobody can blame people for protecting their families and belongings whenever they feel threatened.
      Try searching online gun dealers for AR-15’s and
      AK-47’s and ammo, you either can’t find any or you need to be prepared to pay big money, (supply and demand). Just watch out when you are in a crowd.

  3. Vincent Luciano

    Well if the only thing the cops are going to be good for is writing tickets then Defund them and when things turn into the wild west we won’t have to waste the time making a phone call

  4. Joan

    Whoever told the police to stand down should be fired or worse. This is a poor excuse for the police. We, the tax payers, pay them to protect us and STANDING DOWN IS NOT PROTECTION. Just because some young punk looks threatening should be no excuse for this kind of non-action. No wonder the BLM gangs are in control of many cities.

    • Elaine67

      When you keep voting lily livered, dishonest, brain dead DEMOCRATS to run your state you GET WHAT you VOTED FOR.
      Colorado Incumbent Governor Jared Polis, who was elected in 2018, is a Democrat, and his predecessor, Governor John Hickenlooper, who won election in 2010 is also a Democrat.
      Get out while you can your governor could care less about backing the police officers in your state he only wants to vote for more DEFUNDING of the Police, which means he cares NOTHING about protecting his taxpayers
      I thing he may be related to the idiot California Governor Gavin Newsom hell bent on DESTROYNG California or maybe New York Governor Andrew Cuomo in NEW YORK who murdered over 10,000 elderly in nursing homes with his brilliant stewardship of the WORST COV 19 actions taken of any City in the Country. After all those two are THE BEST the Democrats can up with! SNICKER!

  5. Gerry

    OK moderators — I’ll be nice. The police should have killed the very bad boy, that is the only way to put an end to this lunacy.


    If the law is not allowed to do their job, then the people should band together and go in and take out all the officials that has stopped them, tar and feather them and run them out of town.



    • J W

      Why not? Trump and other so called conservatives think they should be brought into this world and allowed to starve to death or live homeless.


    Yes the Republicans should pick a replacement judge NOW.
    I’m sure the Dems wouldn’t think twice about it.
    No one has the right to tell you what to wear.
    Also political correctness is way out of control.
    All cities allowing rioting , burning, and stealing should be cut all government funding.
    Please impeach Nancy P. worst speaker of the house ever.

    • John E Moore

      You make absolutely no sense whatsoever. You liberals are the reason this nation is being divided. Who is starving people to death as you say? It’s Pelosi, Schumer and the Dems that are holding the Pandemic relief money hostage until they get a mail in ballot. The Dems don’t stand a chance on Nov. 3, and they know it. That’s why they want a mail in only ballot because it’s ripe with potential fraud just as we’ve already seen across the nation. You Dems have become the most disgusting lot of people by allowing and encouraging discord, terrorism, burning , looting and the cancel culture to run rampant all because you’re so hell bent on controlling Washington to allow Socialism to destroy our nation. The news is…it won’t work because the American people have seen thru your criminal tactics and come this Nov., you’re done. We will take back our country, forceably if it take it. We won’t allow you politicians, George Soros or your paid terrorists to destroy this country anymore. The traitors will be dealt with!!

  9. Not Amused

    This is the result of terrifying the Police with threats of reprisal for doing their jobs in dangerous situations. With a mission to “serve and protect”, some leaders stand down hoping the whole thing will turn itself off. Or maybe the assailant will go far enough that no matter what the outcome for the victims, it will be severe enough that police response no matter how aggressive will be looked at as necessary.

  10. Robert

    It really doesn’t matter if Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s replacement is processed before or after the November election.
    President Trump will do the job. Either way.

  11. Steven Sipes


  12. Ann

    I do not understand the officials who aid and abet criminals. If they are afraid that enforcing the law will be viewed as “racist” ( and it will most certainly be used to try and avoid consequences given the times we are in), it is only racist if the REASON they took negative action was due to race. If the REASON they took the negative action was to hold rapists, looters, murders and other forms of low lifes accountable, then the negative action was taken because they are the ones that really deserved what they received. And that is NOT racism. That is the law, and if state officials will not do their job and enforce law and order, then we need to get someone who will.

  13. SDOfAZ

    This is colorado I believe. A dim wit enclave so this is typical. The sheeple are in charge of who is in charge, they vote em in. So you get what you vote for folks. Simple so prepare for these violent escapades to increase because no one is stepping up to defend anyone in these idiot sheeple enclaves.

  14. Rex Whitmer

    This is why it’s wise to carry your own weapon! It appears that we’re back to the good ol’ days when we were our own police dept! Whom ever set the tone for that particular police department should have been sent to quiet this guy! (Without a Weapon)

  15. Norman B. Czerski

    Communist street core are practicing for their “RECOLUTIOIN”. It is time to again investigate communist activity and require them to register under the law. They are traitors, criminals and perverts. They lust for what everyone else has. In other words, they are the essence of materialists. In the words of Sigmund Freud—“I have no concern with any economic criticisms of the communistic system but I am able to recognize that psychologically it is founded by an untenable illusion. By depriving man of private property, the human love of aggression is deprived of one of it’s instruments, a strong one undoubtedly but assuredly not the strongest. It in no way alters the individual differences between power and influence which are turned by aggressiveness to it’s own use, nor does it alter the nature of the instinct in any way.”

  16. Lee A. Potter

    By all means, replace RBG asap prior to the elections. It historically prudent and has been done many times by Presidents over the years.


    why warent the social workers called??????

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