At First Georgia Was a Battleground State, Now It Holds the Key to the Senate… It Won’t Be Pretty

Both Senate seats from Georgia will be decided in runoff special elections. This means that the poor citizens of Georgia, who were just subjected to months of political ads because it was a battleground state in the presidential election, must endure another two months of non-stop ads and campaigns.

Both Republicans and Democrats are expected to rain marketing dollars on the state, spending up to an additional $100 million in hopes of capturing at least one if not both of the Senate seats up for grabs.

One seat, held by Senator Sonny Perdue, is on its regular schedule for election. But the other, held by Senator Kelly Loeffler, is off-schedule because she was appointed to fill the seat vacated by Senator Johnny Isakson last December when he retired for health reasons.

Republicans need to win at least one seat to gain a 51/49 advantage in the Senate, whereas the Democrats need to win both seats to achieve a 50/50 split, which would leave Vice President-elect Harris as the tiebreaker in her role as the President of the Senate.

With complete control of the White House, House of Representatives, and Senate hanging in the balance, the races in Georgia are likely to be hotly contested and not very pretty.

The only saving grace is that the election cycle is short, with the runoff elections occurring the first week of January. Unfortunately, that leaves Georgia residents subjected to heavy political advertising through the holidays.

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  1. Shirley Obrien

    I’m praying that all of the people who voted for Trump will get out there and vote for our republican people. We can’t let the Dems take over. If we do we will never get it back. PLEASE!!! talk to anyone you know and see if you can help but offering to take them to the poles. Help them to decide if they are undecided. Show them the difference it will make to our freedoms.

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