Trump Pushes ‘Skinny Bill’ Again to Help the Unemployed, Will Democrats Reject it Again?

To be clear, the Democrats, led by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, offered another relief package in late May. It was filled with spending on special interest items and cost $3.5 trillion, but it was right there for everyone to see.

The Republicans, led by Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in the Senate, didn’t pass their own version until late July, just days before the federal unemployment bonus benefits expired. The Republican version was much more modest, clocking in at a mere $1 trillion.

The Republicans offered to pass a “skinny bill,” one that addresses just continued federal unemployment benefits and a few other things, but the Democrats have balked. At first, they said $3.5 trillion or nothing, but now say they’ll come back to negotiate if the Republicans offer to spend at least $2 trillion. That hasn’t gone anywhere, either.

Now the White House is pushing Congress to take up another narrow coronavirus economic relief bill, asking the Democrats to use their vote on Saturday to pass funding for stimulus relief checks for individuals and funding for personal protection equipment for schools.

White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows said:

“I think the outlook for a skinny deal is better than it’s ever been and yet we are still not there. If Speaker (Nancy) Pelosi moves forward a single bill on postal … let’s add in the things we can agree upon.”

The Democrats don’t seem anxious to take up the cause.

Democratic Senator Tim Kaine said that he does not expect the White House to get serious about negotiations until after next week’s Republican presidential election convention.

Kaine said:

“Once we get out of the Republican convention, the week before Labor Day, you’re going to see serious negotiations restart. And that means we could do something possibly right after Labor Day, when we return.”

The Senate reconvenes on September 8 and the House on September 14.

Meanwhile, unemployed Americans will have to figure out how to pay their rent and feed their families.

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  1. walter kelly

    all the dem in the house should give up there pay for not helping all americns to get there rent an mortage pay like the $1200.00we all got in may that help a lot but what do they care they get there money any way even when they stay at home boy what a deal

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