Are You Chatting Over Video These Days? Here’s How to Look Better

These tips won’t make you into an internet sensation, or land you a deal as a social media influencer, but they can help you appear less, well, helpless when you jump on Zoom, Skype, or even Facetime with relatives, friends, and co-workers.

According to Popular Science, one big issue is lighting. Use natural lighting where you can, and try to have it illuminate your face.  Artificial light, such as overhead lights, tend to be uneven.

Stay away from brightly lit backgrounds, such as windows. They’ll fool the camera into darkening the shot and will create deep colors on background items.

If you have to use lights because it’s night or due to some other restriction, try not to have them pointed at your face. Instead, point them at a nearby wall and let the light bounce off. It will soften the image.

Don’t forget to clean the camera! That might sound silly, but fingerprints or other smudges will obviously degrade the shot.

As for angle, have the camera at about eye level to make it natural. It will be more comfortable for you, and will look natural for the viewers.



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