Arctic Surge is Here: Hundreds of Low Temp Records Expected to Be Broken

The second arctic surge to cross the lower 48 states of the U.S. arrived on Sunday and made its way south, bringing with it temperatures usually associated with January, not November.

As Americans deal with the dead of winter cold snap in the middle of the fall, the National Weather Service expects 250 cold temperature records to be broken between Sunday and Wednesday, all the way from the Great Lakes to the Gulf Coast.

The National Weather Service Chicago office wrote:

“Record low-max and record low mins could be in jeopardy of being tied/broken for both Monday and Tuesday, this is impressively cold air for early-mid November.”

Temperatures in the Great Lakes and Upper Midwest aren’t expected to rise above the teens on Monday, and Chicago will be stuck in the 20s.

By Wednesday, almost the entire Eastern half of the U.S. will see temperatures below freezing, with many places in the teens and 20s.


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Comments (2)

  1. Anony Mous

    But! But! But! But! This can’t be so! Haven’t “98% of (so-called) scientists” assured us that we’re turning into toast??
    And isn’t that what that Dippy Norwegian Teen-ager been saying?
    Apparently we can’t trust our ‘sources’ anymore!
    Between them and the media…. Who CAN we trust?

  2. Tarheel

    It’s that darn global warm, err climate change or as those proponents of this theory would say its weather when it doesn’t suit their agenda and climate change when it does.

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