Apple and Google Team Up to Launch Tracing Technology; 23 Countries Want In

Who are they kidding, Apple and Google already track us, now they just have a reason for it. The scary part is they’re doing it together.

Authorities in 23 countries can’t wait to get access to contact tracking technology from the two tech giants, as they hope it will help them fight the novel coronavirus. The companies are using mobile apps that will be able to reliably log users who are in physical proximity for at least five minutes. A user who later becomes infected with the virus could use the app to automatically and anonymously notify recent contacts.

The data is arguably much more reliable than asking people who they interacted with in recent days.

This might sound like good news, but some countries want more. They want the tech companies to provide them with user location, phone number, and other details. Apple and Google rules bar authorities from requiring residents to use the app.

The move from some freedom to what seems like constant oversight is reminiscent of Earnest Hemingway’s description of how he went bankrupt.

Hemingway said:

“Gradually, and then suddenly.”

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