AOC’s Green New Deal Is a Gift to Republicans as Senate Majority Leader McConnell Calls for Vote

It’s not likely that Republicans were hoping they’d get Representative like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) for Christmas, but it’s looking like she’s the best present they’ve been given since President Trump’s election.

The Green New Deal introduced by AOC and co-sponsor Senator Edward Markey contained many goals, such as eliminating all fossil fuels by 2030, eliminating air travel in the same time frame, providing jobs for everyone, supporting those unwilling to work, transitioning everyone displaced by the move away from fossil fuels to new, better-paying jobs that include adequate vacation, healthcare, and family leave benefits, and rebuilding or renovating every structure in America.

The plan also called for regulating cow flatulence.

There was no mention of how any of this would be paid for.

The Green New Deal drew support from more than 60 lawmakers, including several presidential hopefuls, but people started backing away after they learned more of the details.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said the US Senate would vote on the proposal so as to clarify exactly who supports it.

The Green New Deal calls for moving large parts of the US economy under the control of the government, which is the definition of Socialism.

Senators will have to choose between supporting extreme measures to combat climate change that include Socialism, or abandoning such goals, and they will have to do it on the record.


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