AOC Wants to ‘Liberate’ Southern States


Has Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), also known as AOC, ever been to a Southern state?

Maybe she passed through an airport in Miami or Atlanta, but beyond driving on the Beltway in Virginia, she doesn’t sound like she knows much about the South.

On Instagram during an hour-long live stream, AOC said the only way for the country to heal is for the “actual liberation of Southern states’ from being Republican. She called Southern states “suppressed states.”

She said:

“Which means the only way that our country’s going to heal is through the actual liberation of southern states. The actual liberation of the poor, the actual liberation of working people from economic, social, and racial oppression. That’s the only way.”

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Comments (16)

  1. Jacky

    Is she so dense that she makes these stupid statements.

  2. Bradley Wolfe

    I think OAC should be arrested and charged with insurrection, toward our Constitution. She is a real threat to our National security.

  3. Kaye Jensen

    Why aren’t congressmen like AOC and Ilhan charged with perjury. They have sworn to uphold the constitution yet they are trying to “burn it down” and start over. That is real insurrection.

  4. Tyler

    Can someone please LIBERATE us from this paragon of stupidity?

  5. Vicki Robertson

    If we’re so oppressed, why does her state need our tax dollars to bail them out?

    • M Gorney

      She is only partially to blame for that. NY State has King Cuomo masquerading as their Governor & he deserves to be blamed for the poor policies he & his loyal subjects have decreed upon those they feel do not agree with their leadership.

  6. Perry Cooper

    AOC gets much more coverage than she has earned. Her ideas (like the Green New Deal) are usually laughable in that they are not supported with sound data. Heaven knows that we in the Southern States do not want to have folks form the North tell us how to govern our states. We are still very sensitive about that.

  7. Laura Elaine Barber

    she knows she would not be well received in southern states.

  8. Carol

    AOC is a traitor and needs to go back where she came from. The people in the southern states do not need to be cleansed. If anyone needs to be cleansed it’s her. With people like her talking like this we, as a country, will never unite. People like her are the ones that keep tearing this country apart. That’s exactly what they want.

    • Betsey

      You got to admit she makes the rest of them look so smart.

  9. Reb

    She’s a lunatic and a real enemy of this country?; a very dangerous person who spreads dangerous rhetoric. I just don’t understand how she is celebrated or how she even gets air time. Years ago she would’ve been put in a mental medical facility for talking crazy.


    AOC we’re just fine in the Southern States We don’t need
    your BS and your Socialist BS. Anything Federal Govt get a part of gets screwed up from work Go. Damn Govt.needs to stay out of peoples business until it asked to be part of theirs and really doesn’t matter what party affiliation you are. Need some terms limits on any an all offices 5 yrs Max . And the Government needs to liston more and less action till deem necessary per citizen request. That’s called We the People are in charge not the Government, cause anybody with half a brain knows the Government are crooks 90% are the saying is if their not a crook when they go in office they will be when they leave or voted out. And it takes 45 yrs in politics to get in office stay in basement most of the year during the political seen and wins with 8-10 million more votes Obama received and your opponent has rallies and gatherins and still loses. THERE IS SOMETHING DEFINITELY WRONG WITH THAT PICTURE !! AND LOTS OF PEOPLE WONDER WHY 75 TO 80 MILLION VOTERS ARE PISSED AND TOOK IT A BIT FAR. THERE WAS SOME OUTSIDE PEOPLE THAT CAME IN AND INSTAGATED IT FROM THE START WHO WAS ON THE BUS’S .WHY ARE THEY NOT CHECKED OUT IF THEY WERE NO MENTION OF IT THERE WERE SOME HIGHER AUTHORITY LOOKING THE OTHER WAY _____ JUST SAYING!!!!!

  11. Sherri

    She needs to take a closer look at her own state of New York. It’s a disaster. People are escaping from there as fast as they can and moving to the southern states for better opportunities. We’re quite happy here in the south and definitely don’t want or need her ridiculous ideas. She can keep her socialist-draconian ideas up north.

  12. Rochelle Yessak

    Reminds me of Art Linkletters show, “Kids Say The Darndest Things.”

  13. Wendy Maison

    Don’t come to the Southern states you are not welcomed here. Your like the rest of the demoncraps and rhinos. UTTERLY USELESS. GO FIND GOD BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!

  14. Public_Citizen

    Like most liberals, she doesn’t have a clue how the real world works outside of big city, city limits.

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