Canadians Petition to Remove Anti-Immigration Billboards

The True North Strong and Free Advertising Corp paid to advertise on several billboards across Canada for right-whing candidate Maxime Bernier of the People’s Party of Canada.  Anti-immigration is one of the main themes of the People’s Party of Canada, and the billboards read “Say NO to Mass Immigration.”

The billboards caused quite a stir, followed by petitions, which eventually convinced the billboard company, Pattison Outdoor, to remove them.

Pattison Outdoor President Randy Otto said in a statement:

“It was never my or Pattison Outdoor’s intention to offend, alienate or in any way insult the public by allowing this ad to be run.”

The candidate supported by the ads, Bernier, has focused on limiting immigration and protecting so-called Canadian values in contrast with more moderate Conservatives, prompting some pundits to refer to him as Canada’s Donald Trump.

Canada will have a federal election on Oct. 21 and immigration has broad support, some polls show. A Pew Research Center report published Aug. 9 found that Canadians have among the highest support in the world for immigration.

Although the People’s Party of Canada was not responsible for the ad, Bernier was upset that it was taken down.

Bernier tweeted:

“The message on the billboard is not ‘controversial’ for two thirds of Canadians who agree with it, and for those who disagree but support free speech and an open discussion.”

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Comments (2)

  1. Craig Bearns

    This story is not accurate. They were not “anti-immigration” billboards. For the 2/3 of Canadians these billboards presented no problem for, most tend to be pro-immigration. We are just against against mass-immigration which destroys hosting communities, raises unemployment, is a huge drain on the social welfare system, raises crime and creates a kind of racism that didn’t exist previously.
    There are not “so-called” Canadian values. There are simply Canadian values, and mass-immigration is actively threatening these in the ways I outlined above. It harms both the hosting nation AND works against new citizens.
    A very small but extremely vocal group of emotional terrorists leveled tremendous pressure on the company who owned the sign and they caved to that pressure — reversing an earlier decision that the sign met all legal and ethical requirements.
    Canada currently has the highest per-capita rates of immigration in the whole world, an artifact of an identity-politics agenda that is infecting the Left in many Western Nations. That is the bone of contention in Canada right now.

  2. Nancy Anderson

    Wait until the muslims take over their country, then it will be a different story.

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