Another Mail Carrier Busted Dumping Mail, Including Ballots

Postal Carrier Nicholas Beauchene, 26, is having a very bad week. He was caught dumping almost 1,900 pieces of mail in dumpsters in North Arlington and West Orange, New Jersey.

The mail included almost 100 mail-in ballots, more than 600 pieces of first-class mail, and two certified mail pieces.

Authorities charged him with obstruction of mail, among other things. He faces up to 5 1/2 years in prison and fines of up to $225,000.

The Postal Service recovered the mail and delivered it.

The dumped mail proves that we don’t need actual fraud with mail-in ballots to affect the elections, instead, we could have just regular bad actors, like postal carriers who don’t do their job.

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Comments (5)

  1. sandy draus


  2. Brian B

    Your site should be more truthfully labelled as “Misinformed America”.
    The story about the dumped mail infers all kinds of suspicions about the US Postal Service, but the actual truth of the matter is that it has absolutely NOTHING to do with ballots our election mail.
    Letter Carriers are being harassed daily to deliver more mail in less time than it actually takes. They are threatened with discipline and even firing if they do not comply with their orders. While the postal unions are addressing these issues both locally and nationally, some carriers, especially the class of carriers known as CCAs fall under a category that does not receive complete representation until they serve a period of time. They feel enormous pressure and yes, some ( a very small percentage) resort to this kind of action to meet their superior’s demands.
    This is not to condone what the carrier did. There is no doubt that he should be fired. Professional letter carriers take great pride in their work and do not let unreasonable demands get in the way of providing professional service to the public. That’s what the unions are for. The mail was found and delivered. No ballots were actually lost. The article is pure propaganda sowing distrust of an institution that has served this country longer than we have actually been a country. You ought to be ashamed of yourselves.

  3. William Pennekamp

    Mal in ballots other than those requested by individuals should not be allowed. Also state extending the acceptance of the ballots past the Nov. 3rd deadline should should also not be allowed.

  4. Choralen LaSalle

    Brian B……
    You have no proof otherwise…your opinion, you are making excuses for dishonest employees! I have had 3 postal employees park at the end of my street under a tree taking naps for 2, sometimes 3, hours a day, driving behind a slow moving OTR mail carrier, his speed on I 20 was 45 mph, and when asked why he was going so slow on Interstate via CB Radio, he replied, “I get paid by the hour! ” You ought to be ashamed for lumping the postal workers as poor, innocent, overworked babies! Some are….. alot aren’t !

    • Chaplain Rodger DeRamus

      This is an unusual time in history. Mail-in ballots have been around forever. The difference now is the virus, that’s it.
      The carriers where I live work on into the night to deliver the mail on their route. We can expect our mail most every day at the same time.
      Any mail carrier that would deliberately through away any kind of mail, let alone the mail-in ballots, should be severely punished, union or not.

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