And So It Begins… Austin Votes to Cut Police Budget by 25%

Austin Texas has a slogan, “Keep Austin Weird.” They even have t-shirts. And now they’re out to prove that they are on the cutting edge of… something.

After a 12-hour meeting on June 25, the city council voted unanimously to cut $100 million from the police department’s $400 million budget. Not everyone thought it was a brilliant idea.

Corby Jastrow, president of the Greater Austin Crime Commission, told the city council:

“You cannot solve a public safety crisis by creating another.”

Maybe not, but the council seems intent on trying.

The decision doesn’t immediately change the police department, although it does direct the city manager to freeze any police hiring and then bring to the council proposed changes in how the $100 million will be spent, presumably redirected to social programs.

Cary Roberts, executive director of the Greater Austin Crime Commission, noted that crime was up in the city last year and sai:

“Explain cutting cops to the 32 murder victims last year, the 515 rape victims, the 1,063 robbery victims, the 2,267 victims of aggravated assault, and the 35,744 victims of property crime.”

Citizens also took issue with the rush to defund the police.

Responding to tweets from the Mayor, one citizen tweeted:

“[Mayor Steve Adler], does this mean you’ll be giving up your APD security detail? Kinda hypocritical if you don’t.”

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Comments (4)

  1. Winthrop Aldrich

    I think that any city council, anywhere in the United States of America, that cuts the Police Department’s budget are IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Odie Wan Peyote

    The Police will just concentrate on the interstate hwy and take even more CASH MONEY from citizens thru ‘Civil Forfeiture’. My Father in law was required to bring in …………are you ready ……….$1,000,000 minimum annually. That’s $5,000 an hour @ a 2000 hour work year. Of this, the police department got to keep 75% and the rest went to the gov’t. I support the police 99% but this and ‘qualified Immunity’ have got to STOP! Good cops CANNOT rat out the bad ones. I’ve been on the side (as a child) of Dirty Cops and they laugh about how they can get away with MURDER and no one can stop them. They laugh about squeezing the white folk out of money for fines and save the BEATINGS for black folk, “cause they ain’t got money to fine away”.

  3. Donald Bowerman

    Knee-jerking Liberals. This insane move will come back to haunt the city of Austin and In Spades. I hope that INGNORANT mayor keeps the phone number of the local BLM chapter president handy for the next year. It’ll be interesting what either buffoon will do to stem the floodtide of crime that will surely follow, the magnitude of which Texans have never seen.

  4. Paul

    This should keep them busy answering peoples complaints about crime.

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