Not Vaccinated? Most Americans Want You to Stay Out of the Office!

Instead of the have and the have nots, we’re about to be a nation of the have-beens and have-not-beens, as in, have been vaccinated and have not been vaccinated. It will make a difference if you want to travel, workout, or just go back to work.

A growing number of Americans want to get the coronavirus vaccine, and a majority also support workplace, lifestyle and travel restrictions for those not inoculated against COVID-19, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll released on Friday.

The national opinion poll of 1,005 people, conducted on Monday and Tuesday, suggested the pace of vaccinations may pick up as more vaccines become available and more people want them.

Altogether, 54% of respondents said they were “very interested” in getting vaccinated. That was up from a January survey, when 41% expressed the same level of interest, and 38% in a May 2020 poll before a coronavirus vaccine was developed.

Interest in the vaccine increased over the past year among whites and racial minorities, with about six in 10 whites and five in 10 members of minority groups now expressing a high level of interest.

Twenty-seven percent of Americans said they were not interested in getting vaccinated, which was relatively unchanged from a similar poll that ran in May.

But foreshadowing the social challenges that may emerge as the United States begins to pull out of the yearlong pandemic, the latest poll showed a majority of Americans want to limit the ways in which unvaccinated people can mix in public.

Seventy-two percent of Americans said it was important to know “if the people around me have been vaccinated,” according to the poll.

A majority – 62% – said unvaccinated people should not be allowed to travel on airplanes. Fifty-five percent agreed that unvaccinated people should not work out at public gyms, enter movie theaters or attend public concerts.

When asked about the workplace, 60% of Americans said they wanted to work for an employer “who requires everyone to get a coronavirus vaccine before returning to the office” and 56% thought unvaccinated workers should stay home.

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Comments (8)

  1. Maria

    If a person has gotten vaccinated for COVID…..then why should it matter if they are among unvaccinated people?? Doesn’t the vaccination protect them from severe case of COVID if they are infected?? Unless cdc and government are lying???

  2. Sharon

    If the vaccine protects you, why are you afraid of someone who hasn’t been vaccinated?

    • lou

      my setiments exactly why should it matter unless it’s all about something else?

  3. GS

    Where was poll taken? Ages? Political leaning? Income level? That poll telling what “Americans” want is about. 0003% of “America”

  4. Louise Cook

    No one should be forced to get a vaccine. You don’t know what kind of reaction your body could have with this vaccine. This is my body and I will control what goes in it.

    • lou

      I agree with you wholeheartdly

  5. Cindy S

    This proves that there is no shortage of morons in this country. Perhaps when more people start dying from the vaccine, they will open their eyes. The left says that women who want to abort a baby can do what they want with their body, but the same leftists want to impose vaccines on people who don’t want that in their body. Commie crap.

  6. John Duczman

    It should be a right to have control over your own health. If someone wants that killer experimental vaccine then line up with the rest of the sheep and get it! If you did and it makes you feel safe then good for you its your body . If you have faith it will protect you then why give a S#!T weather someone else got it. As far as the articles stats go, only idiots believe everything there told from lying governments. Google 1976 swine flu debacle, were people got Guillain-Barre syndrome from a bad vaccine. No one in the vaccine or medical business is going to tell you the truth, sao all you sheep line up for your killer vaccine , and in the end you know what happens to sheep that get in line , THEY GET SLAUGHTERED! I do not wish to be a sheep or anyone’s lab rat!

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