Americans Still Support Local Police, But Not As Much As Last Year

It’s easy to hate on the Minneapolis police officers involved in George Floyd’s death, but what about the men and women in blue in your neighborhood?

A recent Rasmussen poll finds that 67% of Americans think of their local peace officers as good or excellent, with just 9% rating them as poor.

That’s a 7% drop in positive rating from last year, but in line with the average of the past several years.

As for tactics, 20% think their local police are too harsh, while 12% say they should go further, and 55% say they use just the right amount of force, and 13% aren’t sure.

The big change from last year is how Americans view deaths that involve the police. In the poll, 27% said that most deaths involving the police are the fault of the officers, which is up from just 13% last year. Just 37% think the death is the fault of the suspect, down from readings in 50% rage for several years.

Just 16% say most police officers are racist, while 65% disagree.

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