Americans Happier With Race Relations Since Trump Took Office: Mainstream Media Refuses to Recognize

Reading the New York Times or Washington Post feels like an exercise in self-hate for America, as both papers feature stories that paint our lives as spiraling out of control, pitting races against each other, the rich against the poor, and generally highlighting dissatisfaction in the country. Apparently that’s not an accurate reflection of the state of the nation.

While tension exists in a nation of 330 million people of various backgrounds and cultures, the survey company Gallop finds that, on several fronts, Americans think things are getting better under President Trump.

Gallops surveyed Americans about social issues in January, asking questions they’ve posed every year since 2001, with a sub-sample of questions asked in 2009 through 2011. Between Trump taking office in 2017 and the survey last month, the percentage of Americans happy with race relations has jumped more than 50%, from 22% to 36%, while the number reporting satisfaction with the position of blacks and other minorities in the nation rose from 37% to 46%.

Across the broad range of questions, Gallop found Americans are happier with eight categories, have about the same level of satisfaction in 17 categories, and are less satisfied in three areas (climate, abortion, and immigration).

It’s unlikely that you’ll find these numbers on the front page of a major paper, but you can always peruse them on Gallop’s website.

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