Most Americans Want to Call Out China on Human Rights

Do you stand by and watch a bully beat up people just because the bully owns the local convenience store? Americans don’t think so.

In a new Pew Research Center survey, 70% of Americans say they want Washington to stand up to Beijing over its human rights record even if it damages economic ties.

Nearly 9 in 10 respondents said they saw China, the world’s second largest economy, as a competitor or enemy rather than a partner, the U.S.-based center said.

The report said:

“Americans want more focus on human rights – even at the expense of economic ties – in bilateral relations with China.”

The Pew survey suggested a slim majority of Americas, 53%, had confidence in Biden to effectively deal with China, lower than that for other global issues, such as terrorism, climate change, the use of military force, and managing trade.

Across the board, negative views in the United States toward China have grown sharply since 2018, with 67% of respondents holding “very cold” or “cold” views toward China compared to 46% three years ago. Just 11% of the Americans surveyed held warm sentiments toward the country.

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Comments (3)

  1. Letha

    And we should call out China , but we also need to call out our own White House and capital for their inhuman treatment of American and especially our elderly and military . I guess here in good old USA it’s ok to kill your elderly and poison the military

  2. Earl Stump jr

    How can you have faith in a man who doesn’t even know what day it is. Our president really why would people vote for a man who can’t even talk publicly. And as far as China is concerned I need to stay the heck out of our business.

    • Earl Stump jr

      China needs to stay out of our business.

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