Americans Don’t Want to Pack the Supreme Court, But We’re Good with Term Limits

Does it really makes sense that we allow people to serve on the highest court in the land well into their 80s and 90s, even as we have trouble getting our aging parents to recognize they can’t drive well enough to be on the road anymore?

A new Rasmussen poll of likely U.S. voters shows that most of us take a more cautious view of who should be sitting on the court. The poll found that 52% of us want the justices to be subject to term limits, just like Senators, Representatives, and the president. Just over one-third of us, 36%, disagree, and 13% aren’t sure.

When it comes to packing the court, the numbers are about the same, but in the negative. Just over half of us, or 53%, don’t want to mess with the number of justices, while 32% would pack the court, and again 13% aren’t sure.

Almost two-thirds of Democrats, 64%, want term limits, while only 39% of Republicans want them. Unaffiliated voters are more evenly split, with 49% approving of term limits. More Democrats than Republicans, 45% to 21%, also favor packing the court.

The numbers and the breakdown aren’t surprising, but changing the terms for Supreme Court Justices would take an act of Congress, the same group that doesn’t seem as if it can agree on the color of the sky.

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Comments (2)

  1. John Strom

    There need to be term limits on ALL federal judges. An aggregate/total of 20 years on the federal bench is more than adequate and should apply to all.

    There also needs to be term limits on Representatives and Senators. An aggregate/total of 20 years in elective office is more than enough.

    There ALSO needs to be term limits on government bureaucrats. Again 20 years is more than enough to be feeding out of the public trough. Then go out and get a real job and lets reduce the early retirement and posh benefits we pay them. They should NOT be able to receive benefits until they’re the same age as those in the public sector. No more – no less.

    • James Cockrell

      The U.S. Constitution already has set term limits for congress, representitives, and the president.
      Amendment 17 of the constitution says 6 years for congress, an representitives, then they return to their civillian jobs.
      No life long career, no life long pension.

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