Americans Are ‘Getting It,’ Complying With Social Distancing and Lockdowns

Sometimes we’re slow on the uptake, but eventually we get it, which is why the latest numbers from Gallup on American reactions to new restrictions aren’t that surprising.

We started out slow, but have stepped up the pace.

From March 16 to 19, to March 20 to 22, the percentage of Americans answering they had either completely or mostly isolated themselves due to the coronavirus jumped from 53% to 64%. The percentage of people saying they’d done little or nothing to isolate themselves fell from 11% to 4%.

More than 90% of Americans say they try to comply with social distancing, and 82% say they would comply with a shelter-in-place order.  Just 18% say they wouldn’t follow an official shelter-in-place directive.

More than 50% of Americans have stocked up on food or supplies, up from just 13% earlier in March.  There’s no word on how many of those people purchased toilet paper.

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