Amazingly, Americans’ View of Media Keeps Falling

You can be forgiven for thinking Americans don’t trust the media at all. Some portion of the nation still does, although that number is dwindling.

A new Gallup poll shows that the percentage of Americans responding that they have a great deal of trust (9%) or a fair amount of trust (31%) that the media reports the news fully, fairly, and accurately fell from a combined 41% last year to just 40% this year. Other than an incredible drop to 32% in 2016, the current 40% matches a long-time bottom in how we view the media.

Gallup has asked this question since the early 1970s. Our trust first fell below 50% in 2004, then reversed in 2005, before falling back again in 2006. We haven’t had a majority of people say they trust the media since then.

As with most things, the numbers are skewed by political views. While just 10% of Republicans have either a great deal or fair amount of trust in the media, a whopping 73% of Democrats feel that way. The 63-point gap between the two was just 6 points in 2000.

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