Senate Votes 96 to 0, Passes Stimulus Package: Now to The House

Every senator that could be present voted Yes to the largest stimulus bill in U.S. history. The move sends the bill to the House, where Speaker Pelosi is trying to figure out how to get the legislation legally approved with so many representatives stuck in their home districts due to the virus. Legislative analysts expect the House to take a roll call vote on Friday. If there are no dissents, the measure would pass and then go to the president for his signature.

The unanimous vote, a rare departure from bitter partisanship in Washington, underscored how seriously members of Congress are taking the global pandemic as Americans suffer and the medical system reels.

Senate Democratic Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said:

“When there’s a crisis of this magnitude, the private sector cannot solve it. Individuals even with bravery and valor are not powerful enough to beat it back. Government is the only force large enough to staunch the bleeding and begin the healing.”

The package funds unemployment insurance across the nation, provides funds for medical supplies and facilities, offers $500 billion in bailout funds for industries struck by the crisis, and directs $1,200 to each working American who earns $75,000 or less. The money for individuals means $2,400 per couple and adds $500 per child. The direct payment declines as a person income rises, and falls to zero at $99,000 of income. Couples making $150,000 or less will receive the full payout, which will phase out for those making up to $198,000. Small companies are eligible for up to $10 million in forgivable loans.

It will take some time for the money to arrive. If the U.S. Treasury Department has a person’s banking information because of previous electronic payments, the funds should arrive within three weeks. If the government has to send a check, it could take up to four months as the IRS can’t process more than about 20 million checks a month.

At $2 trillion, the stimulus is 40% of the federal government’s annual budget of $4.7 trillion.

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Comments (10)

  1. Joe Speer

    Republicans caved again why? cowards at least I hope they splash Pelosi’s prank on every add this fall

    • Thomas Drapela

      What did the Republicans cave too? I would like to know the full details of this bill but the American people will never see it.

  2. Nancy Anderson

    I just hope for their sakes that the House doesn’t mess this up again. They will be hunting new jobs if they do, and I think that they are beginning to get the hint.

  3. Donald Nicholas

    Of course, being gutless politicians, threw the socialist a few totally unrelated bones. It’s required when dealing with people only loyal to their narrative.

  4. Frank

    I live on Ssdi and don’t file taxes and net 15,700.00 annually how much will I get thanks

  5. Ralph

    This Stimulus better help every hard working Legal American Citizen. While we are all still looking for bread on the store shelves Nancy Pelosi and Chucky are eating PORK! I pray to God Republicans get back the House, keep the Senate and President Trump gets re-elected. Joe Biden needs to stay in Hiding and never come back out. He would be a disaster to our economy, our civil liberties, our safety and our 1st and 2nd Amendment rights. After he said Illegals coming into our country is a GIFT! that was it for me this clown needs to retire from politics and live happily ever after in a Delaware Geriatric Nursing Home.

  6. Frances A Branch

    Nothing for SENIORS? But I am sure Their Old Asses Will get a Check. And welfare will cut cash and stamps. I’m a senior and my stamps are cut from $86 to $66 to 46 to 32 to what it is now. $16. that happened when I got my SS increase this year.

  7. Patrick John Keating

    Here in California everyone on Social Security could really use help with our New Gov. Newsom? Like us he raised our yearly Condo taxes almost double this year on a 2 bedroom 2 bath 2 car garage to $2,600. We own our Condo, but we still have to pay $350.00 a month for homeowners pymt. The Gov. has raised taxes on everything we own, and everything we buy. If we has to pay the outrageous amount of rent people pay these days we would be living in the streets between rent, food, and utilities???? So between the two of us living on $2.375.00 a mo. paying for food, car insurance, gasoline for two cars, clothing, utilities we just get by, and that’s not living. Patrick J. Keating

  8. Johnny

    Just make sure that Pelosi doesn’t have a say and don’t include any of her provisions!

  9. Keith S. Clark

    This is INSANE. My Grandchildren will never be able to pay this off.

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