About Us

The Informed American is everything the mainstream media is not.

The Informed American searches for the truth, and wants to know both sides of the story. The Informed American peels back the persuasion, looking for the facts.

The Informed American recognizes, and applauds, progress, but doesn’t bow to political correctness.

Maybe there was a time when the national newspapers and news outlets brought us unbiased information, treating us like serious adults capable of making our own decisions. No more. Today we’re bombarded with messaging intended to help us make the “right” choices. On the front page of the New York Times, an article often appears with the very small header of “news analysis.”

In the parlance of today, these words should be a trigger warning, letting us know that we’re about to read a few facts scattered among the opinions of someone that wants us to think a certain way.

The article belongs on the opinion pages, but instead it’s presented as “news.”

News sources from traditional papers to social media outlets are contorting themselves to be seen as champions of every special interest group that can claim at least one member. We need an information source not afraid to address topics that are shaping our lives, and the lives of our children, in a straightforward, honest way.

We don’t need mental gymnastics. We don’t need to worry about people’s feelings. We need facts. We need to be informed.

Almost every day there’s another story of a university, newspaper, or social media platform refusing to allow someone to express their opinion. That doesn’t lead to better dialogue, it leads to the tyranny of ideas. You can only think one way.

We need to break the bonds that are slowly tying us down, ending discourse, discouraging conversations, and ruining what made the United States the greatest nation on earth.

The gates of the country still swing in. We’re still an attractive destination because Americans are free. We’re free to pursue our dreams, to practice our religion, and until recently, to form and express our ideas and opinions.

There are many of us that want to maintain these freedoms. To do so requires us to stay informed, to reach further than the mainstream media for news.

So we created the Informed American, a place where you can find many of the latest stories affecting your life, free of the hype and nanny-state coddling that infuses so many of the stories we hear and read.

Our goal isn’t to shock or offend, but to inform. We’re not driven by ideology or political goals, but a simple mission to present the stories and facts that are shaping our lives, so that we can have honest, well-informed conversations.

At the end of the day, we’ve served our purpose when we can describe our readers as Informed Americans.

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