About Us

If you think it’s become increasingly more difficult to find genuine and unbiased news coverage… you’re not alone.

Right now, our nation is more polarized than ever.

And that, unfortunately, includes the media, who have made it nearly impossible to trust what we hear and read every day.

To combat this movement of subjective coverage, a small group of writers and editors got together to create a news site we now call “The Informed American”.

We are everything the mainstream media is not.

We peel back the persuasion and look for the objective facts, to help you form your own opinions.

While we recognize and applaud progress, we certainly do not bow to political correctness.

Maybe there was a time when national newspapers and media outlets brought us unbiased facts and stories, but that’s no longer the case today.

Nearly every day there’s another story of a university, newspaper, or social media platform refusing to allow someone to express their opinion.

That censorship doesn’t lead to better dialogue, it leads to the tyranny of ideas and an even more polarized nation.

As Americans, we need to break the bonds of closed conversation. We need a source of information that’s not afraid to address ALL the issues shaping our lives today, no matter how controversial.

A source that encourages open dialogue to better understand ALL sides of these issues.

What we need are facts not cloaked in prejudice.

What we need, is to truly be informed… now more than ever.

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