86-Year-Old Man Robs Bank, Caught Nearby Driving Slowly

Gilbert Paul Ware, 86, entered a bank in Greenville, South Carolina, showed a gun, and demanded money.  According to a warrant, he also fired the weapon.  Employees complied, and Ware fled the scene with cash.

But he didn’t get far.

According to police, Ware was easily apprehended within minutes about a mile away, with both the cash and the weapon.  He was caught because he was driving very cautiously.

It’s not clear if Ware was driving slowly because he didn’t want to draw attention or because, at his age, he’s a poor driver.  At least he didn’t put up a fight during his arrest.

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Comments (5)

  1. Thomas Drapela

    Another person who can’t make it on Social Security

    • Ronald Yongblood

      As a senior I can say yes!

      • Diana

        Same here! Sad state this country is in, no one gives a damn about the seniors!


    It’s a win,win for the old guy. If he gets away he got enough to get him through. If he gets caught the government takes care of him. Room & board, free tv. Better dental and health care than the average citizen can afford. A cafeteria, a gym, time outside in the sun. Religious services if he prefers. I’m amazed more old people don’t do it! like i said, WIN, WIN!

  3. Diana

    Lmaooooooo……. PRICELESS!!!

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